Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chillin' with Glenn Morshower

Tonight I went with my sister, Ali (the actor) and my hubby to see Glenn Morshower.
Few actors work as much as Glenn. Check him out on and you will be amazed at the scope of this man's career. He's probably most recenly well know for his roles in The West Wing and 24 on TV as well as in the Transformer movies. I loooove him as Aaron Pierce on 24. Amazing. He can emote like nobody's biz-natch.
He's a pro. On and off screen he is the genuine article. He is a dear and sincere man, with courage and confidence and a palpable "givingness" radiating from him.
One of the things he shared with us was his journey in Hollywood. How he landed the roles he landed. The major ingredient to success is to be TRUE. To be empowered by coming into the room to give and not take. To have that New York Yankees attitude-- of course I can do it. Why not? He said that everyone started out as a winner. We are here because we out-swam millions of other potential candidates at our time of conception. The bull we pile around us hides the true us, and thus our potential. Like Michelangelo, we have to remove and chip away all the things that hide the "David" we are.
Attitude. Roll with delays, find opportunity in difficulty and see the inevitability of your own success.
He had some funny stories. He shared a  device he used to relax and add fun in "auditions" (he hates that word and calls them meetings because an audition is a pretense to see if someone likes you-- instead of you going in and BEING). He would put a piece of food somewhere in his clothes. Syrup in his shoes, mac and cheese in his undershorts--whatever! Kid you not! It would take the tension right out of him and remind him that it was all for fun and he said IT WORKS. Haha! That cracked me up.

(Sadly, I only had my phone to take a pic.)
He shared touching stories of loved ones lost and about other people in the business he admires. Martin Sheen being a dear friend and favorite--a man of his word and with true compassion.
He said the grass is not greener on the other side. It is always the color you make it. The grass is a reflection of the landscaper. So-- even if you get a new house, spouse, job etc-- there will come a point when we will have to face that waiting for those things to solve the problem was an inaccurate assesment of what was wrong. Because there we will be--back in the same grass. Learn to landscape and water--go to the root of why your grass isn't green. Prioritze. What do we want more--the luxury of doing nothing about  it--or having a green lawn? Which resonated with me-- it reminded me of an old post of mine Grass-- the root of the matter.
Anyway, he gave so much tonight I can't remember it all. But I left feeling uplifted and encouraged and loved. I can write my novels, I can get an agent. I will be published. Because I have somethng to give and it is good. Why not me?
Thanks, Glenn. You're a great actor, and even greater man. I feel blessed to know you.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

My dad. There have been few people who have lived life like he has. He was the oldest boy in a large family with an abusive, alcoholic father and a mother who worked as a nurse outside the home. Adversity is something he was born into. Poverty and dysfunction. He learned young to survive. He has suffered loss so many times. His brother, Jerry died when they were children and after that, it seemed like many people he felt close to died. Tragically and unexpectedly--plane crash, rifle accident...etc.
He made it through his childhood and went to college.  He was an adagio dancer for a while. ( Slow, athletic dance, with many poses like sculpture. Holding the girl over his head with one arm, etc.)He studied Art and Biology. I love his paintings and sculptures. And his knowledge of Biology made any outdoor excursion or camping trip so interesting. He can name all the trees and plants and animals and tell you all about how things tick.
My dad could write a book of all his adventures--good and bad. He was almost killed as a young man working construction when a crane hit a power line and arced a massive amount of electricity into his body, catching him on fire. He lived without amputation. His legs are covered with skin grafts. And as far as not being able to have kids...he had eight.

(I'm 15 here. Rad bangs.)

 My dad has always been a hard worker. And has worked a variety of jobs throughout his life. Fireman, forest ranger, ambulance driver, salesman, road construction... While I grew up he was a high school teacher. He was always good at mentoring the troubled kids. Because he taught school,we had great summer vacations as a family. Camping, driving, museums, fishing, and visiting relatives. He has always done art commissions on the side to supplement his income. I remember watching him sculpt or paint murals. And he would sometimes take some of us to help paint Christmas windows on stores. It was so fun making little white snowflakes around his lettering or a snowman, or trees. He was patient and encouraging whenever instructing and I really believed him when he told me I was doing an awesome job. (=

(snuggling grandkids)

 My dad is an interesting mix of "jock", artist, laborer, nature lover and homemaker. I remember watching him wash the dishes or cook and thinking that some men of his generation wouldn't be caught dead doing "women's work". How cool is that?
I'm grateful for my dad. Despite the hard road he started on, he has been an exemplary man. And I never have wondered if my dad loves me. He shows it in countless ways.  He is loving, courageous and spiritual. A damaged, but brave soul who just keeps going, trying to live a good life. And that has affected so many lives. His decision to overcome his beginning has made ours and our children's so much better than what he had.
(Parents, me and my siblings with spouses and kids... there are a couple babies more since!)

Dad has dedicated his life to his family and to helping others. Now that all of us are grown and gone, he and my mom will still come out to visit or help any of us when there is a need. They have lived in China and Chile doing humanitarion work and serving people as well as in their community at home. I admire that so much and really try to emulate their compassion.
 I have so many positive memories of dad. My earliest was when I was almost three. I was hit by a car out in front of our house and I have snapshots in my head of the wheel on my leg. Blood. On my back looking up, I saw my dad shouting and running toward the car that had struck me. Then a flash of being in the hospital. My dad held me in his arms. I felt like a big kid because my legs dangled too long over his arm as he held me like a baby, singing in his low, deep voice. Sunlight came in through the window and my leg burned, but I knew I would be ok because dad was there.
Thanks, dad for everything. Mostly, thanks for being there--I know that was more than your father could do for you. So glad I got you for my pop. I love you.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Monday, June 14, 2010

On set with Margy Kidder

I spent the day on set at my husband's studio. I brought one of my writing buddies (Writers Cubed), Reana of Write to the Edge.

I love being on set. The talented people, the lights and cables, the sets and green screens. I like the lingo, the sounds, the synergy. Creative air. Work and play.
They are currently shooting a Sci-Fi with a debut director and a producer who is the real deal-- a veteran who was once, as a young man, an assistant to Orson Wells.
Margot Kidder plays the only human in the show, I believe. Although I didn't read the script, just got a synopsis from my hubby.
Anyway, Margot, who introduced herself to me as Margy (which is her actual name--Margot was a screen name she picked to sound cool), is truly a fun person. She was jovial, talkative and un celeb-like with the crew. I enjoyed talking with her about Hollywood politics, the oil spill,  her grandkids and the story behind getting her role as Lois Lane, etc. She took the role in defiance of her first husband (a writer living in Montana) who treated her like the "little lady" who should stay home. She told him, "Get your own f---in' coffee" and ended up in Christopher Reeve's arms--for pay! Fascinating.
A seasoned performer who has been a part of cinema history, the way that she has, is like a well of info. And me, being a writer, a Sagitarius and a nosy so and so, get sooooo stoked to "tap that". You know what I mean!
 I absolutely love movies, especially anything pre 1980s. The original Superman movies were favorites when I was a kid. And I loved her in Trenchcoat-- a comedy/ mystery. She has been there and knows "them". Her passion for acting added something to my life. An iconic, spunky woman in the screenplay of my own life.
So glad I met her and spent time with her today. I touched the hand that touched Superman. Oh, yes. Almost as good.
My man, Clark, has met a lot of cool people in his line of work. But this was really special to me.

She got a little snuggly with my man, but I forgive her. (;

Saturday, June 12, 2010


I finally drew names for the three winners.

1.From The New York Times bestselling series, The 39 Clues by Rick Riordon.
The book goes to:

2.Paul Mitchell bath set. Extra moisturizing Lavender Mint body wash, shampoo and conditioner.
Goes to:
(Hahaha! I had to laugh. I bet rugged guys like you just looove stuff like this!)

3. Glass bead jewelry. A bracelet and matching earrings.
Goes to:
 (Specify the colors you like, choose gold or silver accents and I will make them custom. Or I will send a random set and surprise you)

WINNERS-- email me your address, so I can send the prizes. joschaffer at yahoo dot com.

Thanks to all of my wonderful followers!!! I really enjoy interacting with you in the blogospere. (=

* My husband's shiny new blog is up and running. There are not many posts yet, but drop by and leave a comment. He assures me that the Iron Man mask giveaway will be soon. He's very busy working on a Sci-Fi movie right now featuring Margot Kidder. (No joke! Lois Lane!! Hahah!) I will be chillin' on set with her on Monday when shooting starts at the studio. I will blog all about that next week.

My husband, who happens to be named Clark, can't wait to hear her say his name. Hahah!

Time to watch these again. Christopher Reeves rocks.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Writers Workshop

I got a writing prompt from Mama Kat. The ULTIMATE HONEY DO list. Ten things I would looove my hubby (Clark Schaffer) to do for me:

1. Send me to Scotland with my writing group.

2. Finish the floor in the kitchen.

3. Replace the broken dish washer.

4. Take me and the kids to Disney World.

5. Finish landscaping the yard.

6. Make a book trailer for my novel.

7. Take me to Prince Edward Island, Morocco, and India.

8. Buy me new couches for the family room.

9. Daily hugs and kisses.

10. Keep being his fabulous self. (=

This was actually hard...I'm sorta low maintenance by nature and some of these are kinda big things that I can live without...but it would be nice!

Join the Writing Workshop at:

Mama's Losin' It

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...Milk Dance

Join Wordless/ Wordful Wednesday at   7 Clown Circus!

The LOVE of your life...

Many of you will relate to this. I have spent countless hours, on my rear end. And it's hard work. Staring at the computer screen and tapping away for hours at a time. The novel.
 Done. Write it again. And again.
 Once it looks respectable enough to take out into public (without feeling too embarrassed to admit "He's with me") it's time to pimp it out.
Every agent has their own sweet spot and it is our job to figure that out before we bug them. Research. Submit. Rejection. Rinse off your mangled heart and repeat.
Sometimes the inevitable second thoughts creep in. Is this any good? What's so great about it anyway? But you keep going. Inside you just have a feeling. It is good. It's worth the effort.

If you aren't to the query point yet and are still writing, stay committed.
I have used the analogy that every book we write follows the pattern of a relationship:

 *Inspiration! Can't get it out of your mind. You want to spend all your time with it.

* You commit... to see it through to the end. Through thick or thin. You can see your future in it's eyes (pages)...Because you looove it.

 *Conflict. It gets difficult. Your characters defy you--you lose the get stuck. Not. Meeting. My. Neeeeds. This is the point when that new, young, sexy story idea seems alluring. You're tempted to dump the ball and chain for this new love. So uncomplicated and exciting!

*But (if you are the type to follow through) you stick with it. Resolve your differences. Reconcile how you imagined the book would go and the work involved, with how it actually has. Give the characters room to surprise you-- let the plot develop. Work at it. Hard. Only then...will you get where you want to be.

* Ahhhhhhhh! You are one with your book. (magic wand sound)

So, the message is. Hang in there. See it through... or you'll never know the true love aspect of writing and will ever be in the dating stage. The sexy new story will give you trouble too, eventually.
 Now that you and your book are one there is one more step to see to.  It is time to reproduce. Every book is a part of you and a part of the story that has a life of its own. Through publication you can have a huuuge family of little books on the shelves of all the bookstores. Sharing your love with the world through your little ones. Sigh. Sniff. This analogy has worn itself out now.
 QUERY on! You deserve it. And you owe it to your story too.

* Stay tuned. I will be interviewing author, Erin Kellison in an upcoming post!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I'm back!

FINALLY feeling better! Just recovering from one of the worst illnesses in years. Oh, man. You don't want this one. fever, aches, headache, sore throat and dizziness. Pant, pant. Still getting my strength back.
Thanks for all of you well wishes while I was dead. (=
 On the third day when I was not as cross-eyed with fever I was able to read, Devilish by Maureen Johnson. I won it from a drawing over at Candyland. Cute and fun YA book. Took my mind off my own slow death. Recommend it. (=

 Anyhow--I have missed blogging and will have to make up for it in the next few days--posting what I would have done if I had not died suddenly.
 Yvonne Osborne over at The Organic Writer, awarded me this:

The Sunshine Award! So cute and perky. (= Thanks, Yvonne. Check out her great blog!
I'm passing this award along to five bloggers that I enjoy.
2. Tahsha from Write For Delight

All really enjoyable blogs! Pick up your awards, ladies and pass them on. (= Thanks for sharing your awesomness with the world.

I have decided that I will do the drawing next Friday for my 100 FOLLOWER GIVEAWAY. get 'er doooone!

Anyway, other than almost dying this week... LAST week was great. Water balloon fight with the boys, a great outing to an art museum (I will share pics soon) and general happy, happy, joy, joy, with the fam and girlfriends.

On a side husband's blog is up and he is posting something soon. He WILL be giving away a face mask from the movie IRON MAN 2 (which if u didn't know yet--he worked on) I will share the link and contest rules as soon as he gives me the ok.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Had an awesome post in mind. But I'm sick.(My boys had it first) Will try to at least post pics for Wordless Wednesday tomorrow. FLU.
Peace out.