Friday, October 22, 2010

Cool stuff

Clark is alwys busy creating something awesome. Working on an indie sci-fi movie right now as well as building some guy a pirate ship for a Halloween party. He's also making a prosthetic face for one of my boy's costumes and some legit fangs for me. (= I will post pics!
To see some more things he has done check out THIS LINK.

Also just felt like mentioning that, in case you have not heard, Alex Cavenaugh's book, CassaStar came out this month! I for one, will get a copy.

Whenever someone gets their book out there I feel even more encouraged as I trudge through edits on my WIP. Sometimes I feel like I hate my book...but a little voice keeps telling me that it's worthwhile and that I shouldn't give up on it. In fact, I really think its going to be good--and I mean that in the least cocky way possible. I am so forunate to have a great writing group, Writers Cubed, who help keep me going. And a bunch of beta readers who gave me great feedback on my early drafts and helped me realize I was on to something special. To all my writing friends out there-- suround yourself with support and keep on writing!

Do something nice for someone--pass the good karma and have a fabulous weekend everyone. (=

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Food of Immaculate Conception

My husband likes to cook and he's actually really good at it. I really appreciate his flair for flavor and his helping hand on the kitchen front.
I have this pet peeve...he's messy when he cooks. I know it's all part of his creative process and he's totally the artist in and out of the kitchen and I get just drives me nuts.
I mean, everything gets left out. The spices, the utensils used to stir--and there are several for some reason. Plus an assortment of random bowls and dishes used to mix things, knives and several chopping boards. Somehow there are spills and splatters and used paper towels and scraps all over the place. What in the world?

I have this thing...well, ok it sounds kinda OCD, but when I cook or do anything in the kitchen I put away stuff and clean as I go. In fact, I love it when the food is ready and the kitchen looks as if it wasn't used. Like the food just materialized in all of its yummy glory, without a chef. Immaculate conception.
It is such a satisfying feeling. Then I can relax and enjoy the food, facing only minimal cleanup after the meal. Is that weird?

Today I made and canned apple butter and raspberry jam, a messy and involved process. But when I pulled the last batch of jars out of the boiling water the kitchen was shining and nothing was out on the counter except some gleaming jars neatly lined up, filled with fruity goodness...yay me. (=


So I want to hear what some of your peeves or quirks are. What drives you nuts or makes you say "Yay me"?

Spill. I know I'm not the only weird one. (=

Saturday, October 16, 2010

95ers Kick Start

A few months ago I interviewed, Tom Durham, who is currently directing the Sci-Fi indie, 95ers: Echos. To see the interview again click THIS LINK.
 He is now so close to finishing! There is a cool site where people with film projects can go to round up funding. Visitors to the site can see what the project is all about and may donate as little as $5!

If you want to see how the movie is looking and are interested in the chance to be a part of movie magic click this LINK. Seriously, check it out!

Stay tuned for when my husband, Clark Schaffer, will be getting his own indie film going on the same site. (=

And if you still have not entered my writing prompt it now! I'm leaving it open until I have some entries! I'm just stubborn that way. It can be short and silly for all I care.
Have a fabulous weekend and do something autumny.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Blog Award

Patricia Timms at Simplicity in Volumes gave me this blog award! Thanks, girl. (=
 For the sake of karma, I'm passing it along to some blogs that I have enjoyed.

Visit their blogs and leave comments!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Altruistic or Evil?

As a mother of a child who has suffered, and will face many challenges, I am sickened by this. I could go on and on about the social implications of the attitude, that those who are different or suffer should be snuffed out...It opens a scary Pandora's box. Mercy killings all 'round then.

"Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who tell you otherwise is selling something."- The Man in Black
But life is also joy. And my family, including my "unfortunate" son, experience joy on a daily basis.

Is what motivates us love or  subconcious selfishness?

So, Virginia Ironside...You must have suffered through life with those social skills. Do you wish your mother had "lovingly" smothered you with a pillow as you slept?
Ok, that was snarky and I apologize. I'm sure she's not as horrible as she sounds-- in fact, she seems sincere, but also completely unqualified to make this statement. Until you have loved a child who has suffered, I'm not sure you should say anything like this.
 Of course nobody likes to see suffering and we wish it could end...but the inference that a "good mom" would kill her child rather than care for and suffer with the child, is a bit twisted. We're not talking about shooting a horse with a bum leg here (though that seems rather severe to me also).

Can.Of. Worms.

If anyone with a "smother pillow" even gets near this sleeping angel,  the wrath of this "good mom" will  swoop down on you like a Jo Storm.

Enough said.

What do you all think?