Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Life in books!

Books have been a huge part of my whole life. Maybe that's why I love to write. I was raised by a mother who got her Masters in English Lit, so I had early exposure to books most kids would never read. Some of them are still faves. But I like many books other than the classics too. I believe the books we read, especially early on, shape how we percieve the world and who we become. Even now, I will find a book that will profoundly influence me and open my mind to new possibilities and thoughts.
Margie over at Spin Me Write Round is doing a blog hop. Share some of your favorite books throughout your life. The ones that you enjoyed and that had an impact on you. Join this cool blog hop at Margie's blog!

As a little child : The Happy Dromedary, Stone Soup, Fat Cat, Eggs and Ham, The Velveteen Rabbit, My Father's Dragon

Elementary school: The Secret Garden, Nancy Drew,  Little Women series,  Lizard Music, Summer of the Monkies, Island Of the Blue Dolphins, Sweet Valley High series, The Indian In the Cupboard, The White Mountains, James and the Giant Peach, Tuck Everlasting,

Middle Grade: The Witch of Blackbird Pond, The Deryni Series, Shannara Series, Ann of Green Gables series, Emily of New Moon series, Jane Eyre, Pride and Predjudice, Great Expectations, The Rise of Silas Lapham, Porttrait Of A Lady, Anna Karenina, Heart of Darkness, Oz Series, Those Who Love, Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn

High School:  David Copperfield, Cold Sassy Tree, The Great Gatsby, Tartuffe, The Bostonians, The Turn Of the Screw, The Scarlet Letter, Tess d' Urbervilles, Complete Works of Shakespeare, Wuthering Heights, Moby Dick, A Tale of Two Cities, Madame Bovary, The Crucible (and various mystery novels)

College: Emma, Northanger Abby, Mansfield Park, Persuasion, Washington Square, A bunch of C.S. Lewis, Les Miserables, Rebecca  (notice how reading for pleasure tapered during my university days)

As an adult: Of Human Bondage, Ann Veronica, The Bonds That Make Us Free, Bradshaw On the Family, Between Parent and Child, The Believers, Rachel's Holiday, Cinderella Pact, Little House Series, I Capture the Castle, Boy's Life, Sugar Blues, Bridget Jones's Diary, Brother Odd, The Fiction Class, Omnivores Dilemma, The Murder of Tutankamen

Actually it is impossible to put all the favorites to date . . . I just devour books!! But these are several of the ones that stand out as I look back at my life in books.

I won't draw until I've had some more entries!

Also, take a look at Jennifer Jenkins blog! She wrote a sweet little post about MOI! She's a talented writer and a good friend. SO follow her blog! (=

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wordless Wednesday--Life with my brother, the cowboy

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This is Nate Hail. He is a young, comedy improv genius in the making! (= When I see creative talent in a kid, I really like to support and encourage it. Help out a little bruthuh!
Subscribe on his YouTube so that he can make money doing what he loves most--making people laugh.
It won't cost you anything but a little time. And you might even find it very amusing. Thanks, guys!

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To celebrate reaching 100 followers I am giving away three prizes!
1. From The New York Times bestselling series, The 39 Clues by Rick Riordon. It's a fun book, a game and it comes with collectable cards. Would make a great gift for any kid in your life-- or the kid   in you!

2. A fabulous, Paul Mitchell bath set. Extra moisturizing Lavender Mint body wash, shampoo and conditioner. Spoil yourself!
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To enter, please leave a comment below mentioning  your fave post on Shoveling In A Jo Storm. (Look on my labeled list on the right under the topic and check out some of my earlier posts too!)
To enter twice tweet this.
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Let me know if you are eligible for 1,2 or 3 entries.

Thanks again for following and enriching my life with your comments and blogs! Wooot!

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Tricia J. O'Brien  over at Talespinning, just awarded me The Versatile Blogger Award. (=
Tricia loves beautiful things and has a passion for writing. She used to write for a newspaper and now she's writing novels. Not only does she have a great blog, but she's a fellow Buffy fan. =D
Thanks, girl!
Go visit her blog!

I would like to pass this award on to Roxy Haynie of a woman's write. Check her out! Great blog!

 And A BIG thanks out to all of my Followers! I have over 100 amazingly, creative and fabulous followers now! I so appreciate your comments and support on my little blog. The exchange of thoughts and ideas on the blogosphere is what makes the virtual world go round.
 Stay tuned for a cool giveaway to celebrate!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jump Rope

Everyone has ups and downs. The trick is to not freak out about it but to accept it--yeah, that's right--nobody is so special that they are not on karma's hit list now and then. So don't act  persecuted, surprised or outraged when things, at times, fall apart or go terribly wrong. Life's like a jump rope.

Here we are chillin' with Justin Furstenfeld of Blue October. If you haven't listened to his song Jump Rope--do it. It's an upper. (= Here are the lyrics:

Jump Rope
Remember how you used to say
You couldn't wait till tomorrow for a brand new day
no fuss when ya had to ride the bus
You just add a little blush
To paralyze your school crush
Now you're older and the weight is on your shoulder
Make the world a little colder
No more hidin in the old day
Be strong
Don't you give up hope
It will get hard
Life's like a jump rope
Up down
Up down
Up down
Up down yeah
Cause it will get hard
Remember life's like a jump rope
Up down
Up down
Up down
Up down yeah
It will get hard
Cause it will get hard
There'll be a bump and there will be a bruise
There'll be alarms and there will be a snooze
There'll be a path that you will have to choose
There'll be a win and there will be a lose and
You gotta hold your head up high and
Watch all the negative go by
Don't ever be ashamed to cry
You go ahead
Cause life's like a jump rope
Up down
Up down
Up down
Up down yeah
It will get hard
Remember life's like a jump rope
Up down
Up down
Up down
Up down yeah
It will get hard
Come on
I want to tell you that everything will be okay
That everything will eventually turn itself to gold
So keep pushing through it all
Don't follow, lead the way
Don't lose yourself or your hope
Cause life's like a jump rope
Up down
Up down
Up down
Up down yeah
You stomp your feet so hard you make it pound
Raise the bottom to the top
And now we're never coming down
Up down stomp your feet spin around
Clap hands to the rhythm
Then you slip down
You stomp your feet so hard you make it pound
Raise the bottom to the top
And now we're never coming down
Up down
Up down
Up down
Up down yeah
It will get hard
Remember life's like a jump rope
Up down  ETC... (=

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Candy is a total blogger babe. Check out her blog and the two awesome contests she has going on!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...My little pirates

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"Lets Talk" Blogfest

Sign up and participate in this dialogue extravaganza at
Here is my entry from, MORE THAN KARMA:

Late in the night, Karma stared across the dim room at her bags lined up against the wall. She knew nothing would ever be the same. Once she left, it was the end of an era. Her childhood was beyond her grasp forever. Memories and thoughts came like spirits, uninvited to torment her. Branches tapped at her window--or were they branches? Another tap, louder than before came from the glass, and then two more. Someone was throwing rocks at her window. In surprise she wiped her eyes, and went to the window. It was eleven thirty at night and Steven stood under the tree beneath her window.

She tried to quell her excitement as she clicked on the lamp and pushed the window open.

“Hey. Were you sleeping?” He called up with a loud whisper, the lamplight illuminating him gently.

“No . . . trying to. What’re you doing?” Looking at him was heavenly and sad at the same time.

“Michelle took off today . . . she got back late tonight and was crying in her room. Know anything about that?” Steven asked.

“Oh.” Karma looked away for a moment.

“She finally told us--she’s totally bummed” Steven said.

“I know. It’s hard. I’m going to miss her too.” Karma gazed down at him in her oversized T- shirt and messy hair. She was too sad to think about how she must look.

“Everyone’s going to miss you. So, my summer vacation is going to stink,” he said.

“Oh, right, because your little sister’s best friend is leaving” Karma pursed her lips.

Steven grabbed at some low hanging leaves and mindlessly plucked them from the branch.

“Hey . . . you’re my friend, too.” He said.

“What a relief.” It was hard to keep the bitterness out of her voice.

Steven raised his eyebrows. Awkward pause.

“I thought I’d see you after Prom. So I’m a one night stand, huh?” He smiled that smile.

Even now, Karma couldn’t help smiling a little too. “I’ve been busy, as you can imagine. And you had company.”

“Yeah,” he nodded.

“One girl at a time not enough for you? How typical.” Karma folded her arms and shivered slightly.

“Typical?” Steven reared his head back comically.

“Yeah, of men.” She tossed her hair in dramatized contempt.

“Wow. Anyway, I just wanted to come say goodbye.” Steven’s shoulders dropped a bit.

“Goodbye then.” Why was she being rude? She was leaving, there was no point taking it out on him, he had done nothing.

Steven stood in place looking at his shoes. Karma waited for him to tell her goodbye. Steven stepped closer, looking up with concern. “So, you’re feeling bad about that guy, right?”

Who? Karma was confused for a moment. “Daniel?”

“Yeah, that ‘cutest guy in school’ who went skating in barf. He hurt you.” Steven stated it as if it just hit him.

Karma felt something squeeze her heart. She couldn’t answer. Daniel was the furthest person from her mind right now.

“You don’t have to tell me . . . but how bad? I mean, is your mom sending you away because he . . . did something to you?” Steven stammered his face serious.

Karma stared. It was dim, but she thought his cheeks reddened.

“You guys were pretty serious, weren’t you?” Steven looked away.

“Are you asking if we had . . . sex?” Karma blushed.

“It’s not my business-- but I care because you’re like my . . . little sister.” Steven said kicking at the grass.

Karma considered telling him the truth, but, she decided to punish him for hurting her. “Is that why you came tonight? You think I’m being banished?”

“It’s so sudden. I thought you seemed kind of uncomfortable at the dance and Michelle told me you cried for days about him. If I were still a minor I’d beat the snot out of him.” He said the last part, looking down, in a quieter voice.

It was confusing to be flattered and insulted all at once; to care about him, and want him to care back in the same way. But at the same time she wanted to push him away. Was there a need to push him away? He had Christina. No, she had to pull away.

“I appreciate your protectiveness . . . but I don’t want to talk about it. And I’m not your little sister.” Or haven’t you ever noticed, Karma silently grieved.

Steven looked into her window, the light held his face with transparent hands. He blinked a few times, there was nothing to say. He nodded, bit his lip and held one hand up.

“Goodbye, Featherhead. Good luck. Maybe, I’ll see you on the beach someday.” The smile was back and Karma soaked it in aching with affection.

“Bye, Steven . . . thanks.” Karma mustered a smile, all the while her heart felt like it leaked hot liquid. She willed him to stay, to climb the tree and come to her window, to hold her and comfort her the way only he could.

Another bob of his head and Steven backed up several steps. Karma thought she saw a wet gleam in his eyes as he turned away. He moved toward the gray house down the street, he seemed to carry away her childhood with him as he went. Would she ever look out this window toward the Benders’ house, again? He didn’t look back, and Karma watched until the dark shadows of a moonless night absorbed him. She flooded her pillow with tears before finally falling asleep.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Scoop on 95ers

Periodically on my blog I will shovel up some pay dirt. I love to dig for information.
95ers: Echoes, is a creative and ambitious inependent film, written and directed by ,Tom Durham. He was cool enough to answer all my questions. If you are a Sci-Fi fan you will want to see this.I bring you my first interview . . .

Have you always been a Sci-fi fan and which shows influenced you the most?

I grew up on Star Wars, Star Trek, and Star Blazers, and was abducted by aliens and trained in their ways.

When and how did your story idea hit you?

My brother James and I started developing the 95ers science fiction universe in 1998. Specific story elements hit me like bolts of lightening, which is why my hair is usually sticking up.

In one sentence, what is your story about?

"There is no time, there is only choice."
That's actually one of the taglines of the franchise. But honestly, I've tried in vain for years to summarize this story down to one or two lines!
It's the story about a lonely FBI agent, Sally Jo Biggs (played by my wife) who has strange time-bending powers. She's being stalked by the ghost of her husband, and by agents from the future. A terrible secret is behind her own powers and her husband's work. She doesn't realize that that the bond between them is the only thing that can save them, and the world.

What are some of the challenges that came with making an indy film?

No money, no time. Learning many things along the way.

Was the process of going from script to screen satisfying--or were some aspects of the story lost in translation?

This is the first of five 95ers stories. Because of budget constraints, I deliberately wrote this story to be the "tip of the tip of the iceberg" for the 95ers universe. Many elements of the overarching 95ers story are just touched upon... whetting of the appetites of millions of future fans.
As far satisfaction goes... it's been mostly a horribly difficult process. The rewards so far can really only be measured in terms of internal growth.

What was your fave part of process?

Seeing friends and family members come out of the woodwork to help. It's amazing how much love there is going around. And it is nice to see the eyes of people light up when they learn some of the cosmically cool details of the 95ers universe.

How was it working with your wife, Ali Durham, as your lead character?

Well, not many filmmakers get to work with gorgeous and talented actors--and not have to pay them.

When is, 95ers: Echoes, expected to be finished and what are your plans with it once it is complete?

Echoes will be finished later this year... We'll have some fun premieres, and then off to the festivals. I'm hoping that it's television debut will be on the SyFy Channel, and then to DVD.

Do you have plans for future projects? If so-- what would you do the same or different?

Many many plans and many future projects. There are several novels in the works (including some 95ers books), screenplays looking for buyers, and TV shoes and movies on the horizon. But I won't ever produce anything as ambitious as a science fiction movie again without all the funding in place...

So any more details on the story?

Well, here's the summary I used to use for 95ers:ECHOES...

"Are these the shadows of things that will be, or are they the shadows of things that may be, only?" So says Scrooge to the ghost of Christmas future.

Echoes is the story of Sally Jo Biggs, an FBI agent with a mysterious power—she can rewind time. She can go back up to nine seconds and fix any mistake. Thanks to her special ability, her destiny had always been in her own hands. Her fear of weaving her life together with someone else's is confirmed when her husband dies in a bizarre accident. It looks like it will be a lonely and disillusioned Christmas for Sally... until she sees his ghost.

Now she will stop at nothing to discover the real cause of her husband’s death, and the true nature of his top secret work. As she closes in on the truth, she unwittingly enters a battleground she never knew existed. But the enemy has underestimated her powers, and she has underestimated the timeless reach of her own love.

Wow- that sounds great. (I think that would make a great query letter for a novel!) Thanks for you time. I am looking forward to seeing your movie!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

15 Fantasy Island Favorites

I 'm doing this one for my husband because his blog is not up and running yet. If, Clark was marooned on an island--these are the albums he would want to have with him.
This blog hop was started by Stephen T. McCarthy.

1. Peter Gabriel-- So

2. Peter Gabriel-- Us

3.Blue October-- Foiled

4. Blue October-- Approaching Normal

5. Alan Parson's Project-- Turn Of a Friendly Card

6. Alan Parson's Project-- Eye In the Sky

7. Colin Hay--Transcendental Highway

8. Colin Hay-- Going Somewhere

9. ELO--Time
10. Ennio Morricone-- The Mission Soundtrack

11. Johnny Cash-- The Man Comes Around

12.Tears For Fears-- Seeds Of Love

13. Pink Floyd-- Dark Side Of the Moon

14. Moulin Rouge Movie Soundtrack

15. Bare Naked Ladies-- Maybe You Should Drive

It was ridiculously hard to choose. Not sure these necesarily represent all favorites . . . Moods change, ya know?

Friday, May 14, 2010

Summer Bucket List

Join me in this Blog hop. Share what you want to do for YOU this summer.Sign up below!
Here is mine:

1.Submit polished chapters to the agent who requested them.

2.Query, query, query


4.Girls Night Out-- as often as possible.

5.Read at least three books--just for fun!

6.Headshots done (=


8.Spend luxury week at the Mayacama

9.Lose ten pounds...(again)

10.Drink more green smoothies!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

"What Writers Read": Books, Books, Books

"What Writers Read": Books, Books, Books A new blog brought to us by Elana, Bethany and Suzette.


Have you ever felt a direct consequence to an action coming from a seemingly unrelated place? Did you do something nice and then an unconnected piece of good fortune plopped in your lap? Or have you ever acted selfishly and ended up with less than what you started with despite your hoarding attitude?
From the smallest thing to the profound I have seen this happen in life.
I know Karma . . . personally.
 I built an entire YA novel around it. The idea that we are all connected and that our actions will affect everything and everyone around us--even if we don't see the ripple affect and where it goes.
So send out good things. Smile more, share often and always forgive. Because, Karma has a way of biting us in the rear if we are biters or bringing good things to those who live with love.
If you have an example of karma working in your life--good or bad--share it!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Knocking it down!

I went to High School for three years in California. Then, a combination of events led me to move out of my parent's house. Destiny led me to another state. My senior year--I was the new kid. But it was meant to be. At my new school, OHS, I met one of my best friends, Tanya.
We were both trying out for a play, which is odd because I was not much into drama and neither was she. What she's amazing at is singing. And my skill consisted of rudimentary tap dance and a steady nerve in the face of stage fright.Anyway, we got to talking and I found out that she was from my hometown back in California and that our parents knew each other. They had moved away when we were both still little. And just like that--we were BFFs.
Our paths crossed all those years later at pivotal points in out lives. A fork in the road. She was just wild enough to accept the new girl --who didn't quite fit in to the ultra conservative school. And I was just grounded enough that somehow she found some anchor in me.
We became inseparable; friends, sisters, confidants and--dang we had fun! When I needed her most... she was also there to say the hard things and straighten me out. I am forever grateful for that.
We heard that OHS will be knocked down this summer. The place we met, and where our lives were changed by one another.
So, as adults we went back together. Roaming the old halls and reminiscing was surreal. I thought I should have remembered it better. . . but I mostly remembered just a handful of people.We looked our last look, sang the corny old fight song and told the school goodbye while our husbands and kids tagged along, peering into a past they didn't share.
Just another reminder of the obvious--that places are disposable. The attachment we feel to them is only a refelction of the feelings we had there and our feelings are most affected by the people. So knock down the old builing if you must-- I already got what I needed from that place. And she isn't going anywhere.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Being Mom, being me.

I love being a mom. My boys are so much fun. I have played with them, dreamed with them, homeschooled them and guided them as they have ventured out. I am a different person because of them. Don't get me wrong...I am not immersed in my role, losing my true self, but have found myself in so many ways by being a mother.
 You don't  know what you're made of-- until you have raised a child. Parenting will access and stretch a part of you that is the most primal, the most true--flattering or not. True colors.
The work and iconvenience makes us less selfish...and there are so many sweet little benefits that make it all worthwhile.
This morning I got breakfast in bed. After church the kids and my husband scurried around to clean and make a nice lunch. Then they let me relax all day. They prepared dinner and gave me little gifts and notes. At  the end of the day, as twilight deepened into night, we all lay on the trampoline, wrapped in blankets, and told silly stories and talked. Magic.
(No night out with the girls could compare...and that's saying a lot because I love my girlfriends!)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Egyptian Heiroglyphic T- shirts by Tammy

My very talented friend, Tammy, makes these awesome personalized shirts. You can order them to say anything that you like in hieroglyphics!

They are so cool that I have decided to order one myself . . . just need to think of what I want it to say.

I think these would make great gifts. It would be a creative departure from the usual. Each one is original and unique.
Look for premade ones on Etsy soon.
But if you prefer a custom one you can order directly from Tammy. Specify the color of the shirt, whether you want the heiroglyphs in black or colored and what color to make the background of the cartouche. Send Tammy the short msg or word, you want converted to ancient Egyptian, on the front.Include your shirt size:
 matchgirl123 at aol dot com.

Adults are $20 (+4.95 s/h) kids are $15 (+4.95s/h)
She can combine orders for cheaper shipping.

Drum roll please . . and the winner of the book is . . .

SO, for fun I put all of the entries in a safari pith helmet. And pulled out Xmas Dolly! Congratulations, girl!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tribune Interview of Clark

Here is an article on my honey buns. For those of you interested in the drawing for the Iron Man face plate stay tuned. He says his blog will be up in week! (=
Check out the article!

Recess Sucks Contest

On my friend Margie's blog, Spin Me Write Round, there is a contest to share your absolute worst recess story! The winner gets a gift card to Barnes and Nobel or Amazon. Enter!

As I remember recess in my distant past, it was usually fun and games, but it's appalling how many recess nightmares came to mind too. The injustice of the bitter "yard duties", the cruelty of other children, the injuries . . .
But one particular incident popped into my head because it was both terrible and amazing to me as a child.
In fifth grade I was still very much a tomboy-- even when the other girls were getting silly about boys. Many of my friends were boys and I didn't really have a crush on any of them. And sometimes I thought boys were horrible, like my little brother could be.
 There was a boy I was not sure of yet. Chad had big brown eyes, pale skin and dark hair. He was a nice kid. His dad was a cartoonist or something who visited our class once and he drew a characature of me. That's mostly what I remember about him.
We were playing a game with some other kids in the tanbark and he would not stop following me and trying tease me or something--don't really remember.  I got more and more annoyed because the other kids were starting to notice. I had to prove I was not in "in a tree K-i-s-s-i-n-g", so I started to run away from him. He chased me. I ran out into the kickball field.
He caught up with me and somehow full on grappling ensued. At some point I lost my temper, I guess....but it was an accident. Chad had a bloody nose. Doh! He held his nose, with blood running between his fingers and down the back of his hand. The first thing I though was--I'm dead. It had been trained into me since kindergarten to be terrified of the establishment. I knew the minute a teacher or other adult saw what I had done that something unspeakable would happen to me.
Dead meat. Goodbye cruel world . . . the whole bit.
Chad ran back toward the playground with me at his heels apologizing. Desperate to keep him from tattling.
Then Mrs. Anderson (aka The Running Hippo--did I mention children are cruel?) came out of nowhere. She was a large woman with an angry face and surly disposition. I swear she hated kids and loved dragging them to the principal's office after publicly humiliating them with lengthy, acerbic diatribes about how their behavior made them a menace to society. We were all lying, sneeky, budding criminals in her eyes.
"What happened!?" She barked when she saw the blood. She stared at me. I was wide eyed and probably ashen with fear.
Chad sniffed and shot me a look.
 He had me and I knew it. A word from him and it was the guillitine. He paused and lowered his bloody hand and opened his gory mouth to seal my fate.
"I got a bloody nose. It happens sometimes on hot days," he mumbled.
"Oh, well get to the bathroom and clean it up."
I watched Mrs. Anderson stomp away, like a massive storm cloud passing by to rain elsewhere.
I was stunned. I couldn't believe it! The relief had to be just as acute as the man strapped to an electric chair who recieves a pardon in the nick of time.
Chad smiled at me with blood smeared across his face. I smiled back. Maybe he wasn't so bad. I relaxed and sighed in gratitude. His mercy amazed me. Perhaps boys weren't so horrible.
But being a boy, he spoiled it. He spent the rest of recess chasing me around with his bloody hand and face
trying to touch me, chanting "Helter skelter! Helter skelter!"
Scarred for life.
When the" freeze bell" rang, marking the end of recess I was unspeakably glad to go back to class and certain boredom, but I had decided I had a new friend.

Mexican Food

Every year we celebrate Cinco de Mayo with friends and family--for the sole purpose of pigging out on Mexican food. Mmmmm...
This year we had a big group that came in shifts, the last of them leaving close to midnight.
Clark's carne asada was a huge success. I made several dips. My nacho sauce was a hit so I thought I would share it here.

Cheesy, Creamy, Nachos
1 block of Velveeta
1/4 cup sour cream
1 8oz cream cheese
1 can diced tomatoes (with cilantro, onion, or plain)
1 can of your fave chilli with beans (with or without meat)
1 4oz. can green chillis
1/4 cup fave salsa
Mix and melt it all together. I use a crock pot and start it an hour ahead of time. Serve with tortilla chips.
Soooooo yummy.

Comfort food like this is what eating for fun is all about! (=

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Iron Man Prize

As many of you now know, my husband worked on the movie, Iron Man 2. He will be giving away a piece of the suit from the movie on his blog when it is up and running. To enter you have to follow both our blogs and he will not draw a name until there are a certain number of participants. So get others to sign up when we open the drawing and stay tuned . . .

Monday, May 3, 2010

Drawing to win The Gatecrasher by Madeleine Wickham

The Secret Is Out!
Madeleine Wickham is Sophie Kinsella, and The Gatecrasher is just as delicious as her internationally bestselling Shopaholic series.
Everything’s coming up roses for Fleur Daxeny, as she goes through more rich men than she does designer hats. Beautiful and utterly irresistible, her success at crashing funerals to find wealthy men is remarkable. Fleur wastes no time in seducing her latest conquest, the handsome and rich widower Richard Favour. His children are caught up in a whirlwind as their father’s new girlfriend descends on the family estate. Fleur is not one to wear her heart on her Chanel sleeves, but she soon finds herself embracing Richard and his family. But just as Fleur contemplates jumping off the gold-digger train for good, a long-buried secret from her past threatens to destroy her new family.

Take a wild and marvelous ride with The Gatecrasher, whose clever, chic, and sassy style will leave you desperately wanting more wonderful Wickham!

Enter to win this book by becoming a Follower of Shoveling in a Jo Storm and leaving a comment below. Your name will be added twice if you also follow me on Twitter and tweet a link to this giveaway. And three times if you get a friend to Follow my blog.
Tell the number of times you are elligible to enter and leave me your email address so I can notify you if you win!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Soundtrack To My Life!

Songs summon strong emotions and specific memories. I thought it might be fun to make a list of some events and the songs that I associate with them. Here ya go. (in no particular order)

1. Bye, Baby Bunting-- My dad's deep voice, making me safe and warm in the hospital after I was hit by a car when I was little.

2. I Will Always Love You--Prom

3. Color Of My Love-- Wedding Day

4. 500 Miles, Whoomp There It Is, Queen of the Night--College days

5. Tub Thumping--Living in London as a student and dining in pubs

6. Always (Girl you are to me...etc)-- First kiss

7. Can't Touch This--High School

8. I Can't Fight This Feeling--My puppy love--(intense boyfriend)

9. Eternal Flame-- My big sis played this over and over, so I think of her.

10. I Wanna Run To You--My BFF (we had comical hand motions worked out to it)

11.  Africa-- My first perm. It was playing in the salon at the time.

12. Forever Young--Sitting in a car at night with a bunch of friends near graduation, it was on the radio and we were all meloncholy about how we were all splitting up for college etc.

13. Buffy Musical Soundtrack, Moulin Rouge Soundtrack--Driving around with Katie and Julia

14. Thunder, Replay, I've Got a Feelin', Tik Tok--Dancing with my girlfriends

15. Sinatra or Ella Fitzgerald--Happy kid at home

16. Time In A Bottle--My oldest sister Heather telling me stories at night

Well, there are a few. I'm interested to hear about some of yours!