Saturday, July 26, 2014

Indiana Jo: Connector, Archaeologist and Agent

 My brilliant friend, author Lois Brown, recently told me she was reading about different personality types in The Tipping Point and that she thought I was a Connector. I looked it up and thought about that...Do I thrive on synergy?

 I do love to find ways to connect people, bring ideas together, and help create situations where individuals can benefit from the knowledge, skills or "hook ups" of one other. I tend to see the world as a web or a puzzle. I literally delight in finding ways to fit people and projects together and to see how people can help each other along their journeys. I instinctively feel that we're all the same in so many ways and can look to humanity as a whole for understanding.

Perhaps that's why my first major in college was Archaeology. To dig and search through the layers of dirt and through ruins to find connections to the past. Uncovering evidence that we are the same as the people who lived, worked, played, fought, loved and died before us. Looking for commonalities--proving that we are not alone in who we are. Sounds like why we read too. "We read to know we are not alone."

Owning that I am a Connector, it makes sense that my career has taken the direction that it has. Being an agent is a bit like being an adventurous archaeologist. The research, study and digging to find that special piece that should be shared with the world. Surviving the darts of edits and the crushing boulders of rejection--for the excitement of discovery and the motivation to find things that resonate with the collective conscious.

I feel very lucky to have found the clients that I have. They each have a different voice, but they all have something good to say--and they say it well. Their stories entertain, but also show us that we're all in this together and have much to learn from one another. You'll want to read these books. They belong in the big old library that holds our human story. Stay tuned...