Monday, January 31, 2011

Teen Author Boot Camp

My fabulous writing group, Writers Cubed has been busy! We are organizing and putting on a Teen Author Boot Camp for local aspiring  young writers-- to be hosted by Utah Valley University. We are bringing in awesome guest authors to lead great break-out sessions for attendees. The kids will hone their writing skills by learning at the feet of their idols. We hope to mentor their budding passions and ambitions in a fun environment with other creative kids and published authors, giving them an opportunity to win prizes and be recognized for their talents and get the tools to improve their skills. These teens are the now and the future of the written word and we take them seriously.
Some of our amazing guest authors include: Kiersten White-- best selling author of Paranormalcy, our beloved "Queen of the Net" Elana Johnson-- author of Possession, Matthew Kirby-- author of The Clockwork Three, --to name a few!

Keep posted on Facebook. And to learn more or for registration check us out HERE!


Monday, January 24, 2011

Writing Prompt: Bad communication= nobody wins

Writing prompt:  Imagine a scene where two people have a problem and how bad people skills keep either one from getting what they want.
This sort of negative and self centered (immature) way of communicating is something that we see all of the time. Got me thinking about how validation and understanding can increase our ability to have successful and effective communication where everyone wins rather than resorting to insults and villainizing.
I wrote one that reflected the frustration of generation gaps and impatience with young people that I have witnessed personally in our schools. Power struggles that never empower.

I hadn’t paid enough attention--again. But what would be the point? She stood, her broad back to the blurry green chalkboard, her lips pursed, twirling the chalk between her sausage fingers with an impatient flare of her nostrils. She repeated my name as if it tasted like battery acid on her tongue. I stared back at her—sure that I had a vapid sleep-walking expression on my face that infuriated her.

There was something on the board which was somehow familiar—numbers and symbols, but I was like one of those poor immigrants on Ellis island—no-speakah-da-language. My nemesis stabbed the blackboard with the chalk leaving dots of mounded white next to the equals sign. The  enormous black glasses she wore reflected the dull snap of overhead fluorescent lights, and slid in increments down her sweaty nose, as she suffocated in her own flesh. Why did the fat teacher taunt me? She knew well and good—I had no clue what the sum of all that gibberish was. I disliked her for that sharp voice, puffy hair and lack of fashion. Fashion was one thing I could understand—I could feel superior about that.

The other students didn’t seem to mind as she waited for me to fail. Nobody snickered when this happened to me—wouldn’t dare—they rolled their eyes in my behalf. I guess I had to put Miss Burned Out in her place to save face. The classic cop out would do.

“Whatever.” I shrugged.

She shifted her enormous weight onto her unfortunate left leg and strangled the chalk in one hand as she placed bloated fists on her hips. Heaving a sigh that would try the stitching on any shirt, she responded, very tired.

“Wroooong. Wherever--as in ‘wherever did you leave your brain this morning?’”

“Same place you left your teaching skills, I guess.” I was more than a match for her feared and notorious put downs and sarcasm.

“Is that right? Anybody in here know the answer?”

Glaring, I searched the faces in the room. Nobody raised their hand.

“There you go.” I went back to drawing on the desk.

“I wish you well with your prestigious job as burger flipper at McDonalds.” She tossed her clown hair and crossed her arms. I gave her my special death glare and she smiled as the class “oohed” as one.

“Thanks, I look forward to serving you the Super Sized meal everyday. I’m guessing you want fries with that?" The other students laughed—probably out of disbelief more than anything else and I smiled like a helpful fast food worker.

“You win—I’m fat and you’re stupid.” She swung her hip and turned like the Titanic toward her desk.

I felt the fire start in my stomach and knew it was on its way to my head, but she couldn’t know that she got me. “Fat would be putting it mildly and stupid is a gross exaggeration.” She didn’t know me. Math was the only class I sucked at.

“Prove it.” Giganta tapped her toe.

“Prove what?”

“You aren’t stupid.” She shook her head with her brows raised. It didn’t help—her face still look bunched up like a Cabbage Patch doll.

“Ok. If you lose two hundred pounds.” I wrinkled my nose in disgust,  scanning her from head to toe like a laser.

“I’ll get right on that—now what’s the answer Einstein?”

“Bite me—no wait, you’re trying to cut back.” I shrugged. That was the end of that.

“Only on carbs—I can have fat-head.”

“Whatever.” Crap. She was good.

We glared at each other—at an impasse. She knew more, I weighed less and we were both helpless to do anything about it. An icy lump raised in my throat. If it weren't for the tears trying to worm their way out I know I could have cut her lower than low. The lame question on the board behind her remained unsolved as I stood and stomped out of the room to wander the halls and think of an answer to “fat-head” until the bell rang.

Share a scene of your own or comment how this could have gone better.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Kiss isn't just a kiss

With the freezing cold weather I have been stuck inside watching a lot of BBC and sipping tea. (= Not a bad way to while away the winter.
Many of these BBC films are based on classic literature that I love, so it has been a wonderful revisit to the stories, times and characters that I enjoy. Classy romance all the way. When restraint and respect not only built the tension between the characters, but allowed relationships to blossom in a beautiful way.

SPOILER alert...I recently watched North and South. At the happy ending Richard Armitage gives one of the best screen kisses of all time. A kiss isn't just a kiss. It has to carry more emotion than just desire-- and this kiss says it all. After a long and rocky road he finally gets the girl.


What are some of your all time favorite screen smooches? Share!


Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year

The Holidays rocked. SO many festivities and good times crammed into one month! A highlight of our Christmas was having a globe-trotting couple from France visit with us for Christmas dinner. My dear friend Melanie of Musingly Melanie was hosting the couple, Marc and Gwendolyn, at the time. She met them through "couch surfing" online and we thought it would be fun to combine our Christmas plans. I'm so glad she shared them with us!

Marc and Gwendolyn are serious travelers. They've been all over the world--to every country in South and Central America, across Africa, all over Europe and North America-- I was amazed by their journeys. I felt privelaged to help host them on their very first Christmas in North America.

We made a few classic French dishes in their honor to go with the feast--and they were very gracious. (Even though we only had Martinellis and not wine to go with the cheese plate!)

It was so fun to have them in my home and to hear about the places and people they've had experiences with. They played games with us and the kids and were such a wonderful addition to the party.

When we said goodbye, they welcomed us to visit them anytime and it was one of those cheesy moments when you have a glance at the heart of humanity and realize that we're all the same. Warm fuzzies. And boy did it ever wake up my Sagitarius travel bug. Time for a trip! Adventure! New cultures and the unexplored!

Marc writes for a couple of magazines and Gwendolyn takes pictures. Many of their adventures have been taken in a custom made car that they ship with them when they have to cross water. Otherwise... they just drive there.Check out their website,  Les Bourlingueurs-- it is fascinating! (you will need to use translation).

Anyway, Happy New Year to you all. I hope we can think personally and globally this year...get things straight at home and make the world our home. (=