Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Bite of Brownie

Sometimes a bit of chocolate goes a long way. Here I am eating some of my whole grain, agave sweetened brownies...a totally guiltless pleasure. Recently I have been thinking a lot about that. It is possible to have both discipline and fun. It is too bad the world is careening out of control in pursuit of pleasure no matter the cost. Look where it has taken us. Every vice is born of self indulgence.
Can't we all just indulge responsibly? I submit that we can-with some forbearance, a little brains, a little ingenuity, and an open mind- we can find a delicious solution.
Give me the right brownie and nobody gets hurt.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Baby Jack

Things a little baby taught me...
Sometimes our greatest joys come wrapped in sorrow. Love is stronger than perfection. There are no bounds to a parents love. I know now, more than ever that God, as a parent, can love me intensely, flawed as I am; weak as I am. Gratitude for the small things - the things we take for granted.
As time goes on I can really look back and see progress and the blessings all along the way. Struggles, in a way, are a gift. They teach gratitude and endurance and strength. Compassion and patience can only come through adversity...the Lord gives us everything we need in our survival kit for life.
Last year I did something I have never done before. I sent a letter to a local politician. I actually got a kind reply. I found this on my computer and it brought back some emotions I had nearly forgotten.

October 12,2006

Governor Jon Huntsman, Jr.
Utah Governor’s Office
Utah State Capitol Complex
East Office Building, Suite E220
PO Box 142220

Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-2220

Dear Governor Huntsman:

Last December our third child was born. As far as we knew the pregnancy had progressed normally and well. But, when our little son Jack was born there were some upsetting surprises. Jack had multiple birth defects and has not grown at the rate he should. At almost 10 months old now he weighs 13 pounds and has some developmental delays. Jack cannot sit up on his own. or crawl like other babies his age. You can imagine the worry and heartache we have been through these last months. The local early intervention program, Kids Who Count has been such a blessing! When unexpected things happen it is so easy to be overwhelmed and not know what to do. KWC have been our guidance and support. To have a child with special needs can feel lonely and confusing and just having people who can come and offer their expertise makes everything more manageable. Also, we have seen the benefits of this service. Jack is able to roll over and sit with assistance now. Something I worried might never happen. His O.T. and nurse have been such a blessing in telling us what to do and helping us to help Jack reach his potential. Children with special needs are amazingly sweet and special. Jack lights up the room with his smile and his two big brothers love him, as do we- so much. We are so thankful for the assistance we have received with our precious baby.

Early Intervention Programs such as Kids Who Count need funding to continue the invaluable services they provide to families like ours. Loving programs like these exemplify the true meaning of charity. These programs make a difference. Each child is treated as an individual. Their progress is tracked, goals are set and guidance given. Time is spent with every child – there are tools and resources and wonderful people involved. None of this can be cheap to do. What a wonderful way to put money to work. These are the kinds of things that keep society civilized.

I understand that the Department of Health is requesting additional funds for the Baby Watch Early Intervention Program. Please include the full amount they are requesting in their budget- it is being passed along to benefit our special little ones.

Thank you for the public service you do. I know you keep all of us in mind in all that you do.


Jo etc...

Monday, October 8, 2007

A fragment - a ghost from writings in my past

I found my old manuscript...from my first novel attempt. This is taken randomly from the middle. I think I will go back and do a rewrite of this book once I finish the current one- I can see it better now after taking a break from it. This is one scene I want to rework, but it is fun to see in its raw form.



Tuesday, October 2, 2007