Friday, April 30, 2010

Rewrite through the night

Don't hold back, girls--give me the brutal truth before the agent has to. (= Bahahahaaa!!!

SO, my novel. It's spit and polish time. Luckily for me, I have friends who write. They totally have my back. All night and into the next morning we sat and went over our pages--line by line. We tweaked, chopped and applauded one another's stories. In the delirium of the night and amid the hystrical laughter we made some great progress. I think my favorite thing about it was how we got past our mistakes with humor born of understanding.

We discussed things like:  Oh, hey--another redundant sentence--or WOW--it's a good thing you told me she looked at him with her eyes or we might have thought she looked at him with something else--or how many adverbs does one paragraph REALLY need?--or-- change that passive to an active--or--at this part my character will say something amazing that will make you all love him . . .Do you have to say SUDDENLY? Don't tell me--show me!

 It was fun to point out our common weaknesses. It gave me hope. If these girls, who are all amazing writers, need the nip and tuck process the same way that I do, I guess I'm in good company. Definitely.Good.Company. (That one's for you, Jen.)   (=
Thanks, girls. (=

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another Hurdle for SpongeJack

For anyone who has a special needs child they get it--the aching love and concern, the hard work and gratitude for tiny triumphs.You confront and acknowledge every little road block and mile mark on their way. They change everything profoundly.
As many of you know, Jack had another surgery recently. The picture above, is Jack right after coming out of the OR--poor kid! In his short life he has had many surgeries and spent too much time in hospitals, but he is doing so well! Gone are the days of him scooting around with his walker--he walks on his own and now he is hearing!! This surgery also repaired the rest of his palate.
He was such a trouper this whole month having a limited diet and the first few weeks when he had to wear braces on his arms.We are so grateful and looking forward to progress in his speech.
Jack has a sunny and funny personality.He is as silly and enthusiastic about life as SpongeBob Squarepants--who happens to be his idol. Being his mom has been one of the most incredible experiences. This kid exudes love and pluck. I want to be like Jack! (=

Book Suggestion

Black Body Radiation and the Ultraviolet Catastrophe was written by the brilliant, Jeff Brown. I read it and enjoyed its fun journey of introspection and philosophy wrapped in a quirky storyline. If you like Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy you will enjoy this humorous yet deep exploration of self and the meaning of life. You'll laugh, you'll'll scratch your head and go--HOW did he do it? Check it out!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Writing Buddies

I have some really wonderful people in my life who have helped me to finish my novel. In particular all my talented and fabulous friends in the Maple Mountain Writing Guild. We get together and read, discuss, critique and encourage each other. And we LAUGH...and laugh and laugh! Writing is the madness we share and it makes us kindred spirits. So, as I get my novel in shape for the agent I know I will not be alone. Thanks guys...see you in print. xo

Iron Man 2

Okay everyone...begin the countdown to Iron Man 2!! It is opening in theaters on May 7th. I am totally excited! I really enjoyed the first one; the action, the attitude...the COOL. My husband, Clark, was interviewed by the SLC Tribune yesterday and had his picture taken for an article coming out opening day of the movie. I am looking forward to seeing his work up on the big screen. Everyone go out and see the movie and then let me know what you thought of it!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Scumdance...Point and Shoot!

So,I'm married to a film maker ( his site is very outdated--he has worked on numerous projects since, including Gentlemen Broncos with Jared Hess and Iron Man 2. He is currently doing a short Sci-Fi with a group gunning for the Oscars and a film starring James Franco, directed by Danny Boyle who directed Slumdog Millionaire.
For this convoluted reason and because many of my friends are artists, bohemians and all around nuts we love to get together every summer and have our own film festival. We call it Scumdance. We submit short, silly films for our own amusement. We put blankets down in Jamie and Maribel's backyard and watch them projected onto a big screen. We eat and laugh and then plan for the next time. Jamie has posted a few of them online. There are so many films and we hope to load them all on someday.
Check me out in the short film 20 Minutes It is too cool for words. (Pay special attention to the sound affects!) And don't forget to laugh...teehee.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Writing Conference

What could be better than a mob of writers crammed into a hotel and eating box lunches? Ok, I could think of several things...but the point is it's sort of a beautiful thing. I spent the weekend at a writing conference in the Marriott Hotel, surrounded by writers of all types and fonts, from the frumpy to the fabulous and I was among friends.
Only writers can be on the same page as other writers. We gathered to learn about our craft, network and encourage each other in the singular suffering and ecstasy that is writing.
While there I pitched to the agent of my dreams. Her name is Laura Rennert, senior agent of the Andrea Brown Literary agency. She's a Bay Area girl herself and has helped to bring about some pretty impressive and powerful books. My pitch was sloppy-- I had not come prepared to do a pitch because her sessions were full. It was a lucky fluke--or blessing from heaven--that I was able to slip in and talk with her at all. She was gracious and polite about my inept and unpolished attempt and I was put at ease by her calm, warm manner. In the end she politely said she liked the idea of my story--it caught her interst enough that she requested my first four chapters!It was among other things...overwhelming.Now the real work begins!
What ever happened to writing just for the joy of it? Oh, that died when I finished my novel and began my quest for publication. Deep breath. I signed up for this and will see it through. Right? Write?
So the conference, although lacking in some ways (several of the classes were agonizingly crummy) has paid off. By the end I was a sad sack of information in dread of the coming storm of work,but I did get a lot out of it!
The best thing about it was spending time with my writing group buddies (Maple Mountain Writer's Guild soon to have a website which I shall post here in the future.)
A shout out to all of my very talented and exraordinary writing friends! And an appeal to all of you for any positive vibes to be sent my way as I navigate the slippery slopes toward publication.

Cool Art

Not only is he kicking tail when he mountain bikes--my friend, Jamie, is an extraorinary artist.