Monday, August 29, 2011

I'm sorta baaaaack!

Spent two fabulous weeks on vacation with family on the west coast. Sigh. A week in the luxury of Mayacama resort in California's wine country. Bliss!

Our "casita"-- it was gorgeous and huge and had an indoor and outdoor living room.

The golf course

The clubhouse where we would get delicious food.

Our friend, Michael, aka Cognito came out to the resort to eat dinner with us. He has an awesome rap career and he and Clark will probably be collaborating on some cool projects. Check him out:

After California we headed to Southern Oregon for a family reunion. It was awesome!

Here is only part of the gang...

One of the fun things we did as a huge group was play Hunger Games in the woods. We were separated into districts and had to find water balloons and water guns in the woods to kill everyone off with. There were a bunch of rules and stuff like the book-- it was cool and way fun! I love my family!

Got home and hit the ground running... literally-- did a 5K. Been busy and crazy-- trying to find time to write. The boys are back in school so I'm hoping to get some great stuff done on my new book. (=

Summer is OVAH! How was yours?