Thursday, July 29, 2010

Seriously...who LOOKs like this!?

I have been out of town and so busy! I have missed blogging. Hope ya'll are still out there!

I have often mused over the whole phenomenom of attractiveness.--particularlly in film. There seems to be such a vast number of factors that make a leading man irresistable. Looks is only one of them--but not the main reason, really... I have listed only a few examples. Actually these guys are cute--but there are so many others who are perhaps less physically attractive who still have the same powers.

Pretty man much? Sometimes you come across a face so pretty it should not be on a dude. The kind of face that when he's playing the tough guy in a show, you cringe when he gets punched in the face. Like something that beautiful will shatter like fine china. This guy should be kept in a bullet proof safe with temperature and humidity control...sort of invokes a mothering reaction. Protect that sweet baby face!

Uhhh...stutter-stutter. Then there is the dangerous handsome. Like, I dunno, huge, sharp blades could shoot out of his fists at any moment--but somehow you still want a closer look. And you WANT to see him get punched--just to see what will happen to the poor sap who tries. Guh!
Alpha males spell protection and passion.

"Hello, ladies." Sometimes...if they are so adorable and funny that they can make you laugh that's IT. Plus, this guy is classy. (;

Soulful...with a side of sweet, anyone?

Rascal! Your buddy, pal, guy-next-door...sigh. With a dark side. Intriguing.

I actually find it fascinating how many different things make an actor appealing or attractive. The "Awwww" factor just as much as the kick-your-trash factor. Attractiveness can be so least to a woman.
I'd like to hear some opinions on this...
1. Who would you add to the attractive actor list and why?
2. Is it different for men? Are inflated boobs on anorexic blondes really IT for them everytime?
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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Henri 2.0

A sci-fi that will be seen at the next Sundance film festival, Henri 2.0, promises to get noticed.Check out a few photos from the latest movie shoot at my husband's blog Clark Schaffer.