Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Interview of ME

I was interviewed by Shalet Jimmy over at Passion Drops. Shalet graduated in journalism and is now a reporter for The New Indian Express in Kochi, India. She's a totally cool girl blogger.
So go and check it out!

Working on a new book that has me all jazzed. Hope you're all getting some good writing time in so your soul won't wither and die of starvation. =)
Happy Writing!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Kissing Adrien by Siri L. Mitchell

In this fresh and humorous tale, 29-year-old Claire agrees to supervise the renovation of the Paris apartment her parents have inherited. Ignoring her romantic surroundings, Claire is all business and in a hurry to return to her job, home, and an almost dating relationship with Brian, an associate pastor.
When Adrien, a handsome and flirtatious friend of the family, agrees to help Claire, his spontaneity and "joie de vie" drives her crazy. But in time, even Claire cannot resist the City of Lights' offerings, including the Rodin museum where the sculpture The Kiss raises the questions...who will be the love of her life? And will she ever learn to enjoy the life God has placed right in front of her.

This book was free for kindle so I tried it. And I'm glad I did. Cute story! It is well written, insightful, the characters are relatable and enjoyable. Most of all it made me want to go back to Paris! Obviously the author is well acquainted with the city of love. She is able to write about it with such intelligence and thoroughness--you feel like you are there!
Also, I fell in love with quirky, handsome, Adrien who absolutely bursts with a passion for life. And Claire is easy to relate to--although a bit frustratingly clueless at times!
The only criticism I have is for the end. It needed to be a little less abrupt--easing the reader out of the spell the author wove. Needed a little more satisfaction. However, I would still recommend this delightful book because the journey was like a walk through Paris.