Thursday, January 9, 2014

Geek Goes Rogue...Tribute to Grant McCune...Star Wars FX artist

As some of you may have heard, I am a new contributing writer on the blog Geek Goes Rogue. Follow me there!

(As the next Star Wars Trilogy is being filmed, we here at Geek Goes Rogue are holding our breath. One of the things that made the original trilogy so great is that the worlds looked “lived in”, unlike the shiny worlds of the new trilogy. Here is a tribute who made that look possible, Grant McCune written by our brand new writer, Jo Schaffer)
When my husband,Clark and I lived in LA he had the absolute dream job for two Star Wars geeks like us. Working as Art Director for a Visual Effects shop called, Grant McCune Design put us at the very epicenter of all things Star Wars (and I do mean the original canon not the shiny knock offs that came later.)
Even a lot of die hard fans have no idea who Grant McCune is. In the 1970s when George Lucas started ILM he hired Grant to make the models for A New Hope. Grant had previously been working as a lab technician at a hospital and at that point had only done models as a hobby. But when his buddy, John Dykstra landed his job with ILM he dragged Grant along...

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