Monday, March 25, 2013

TABC 2013

This year we had an incredible group of authors hanging out at Teen Author Boot Camp.
(Cindy C. Bennet,  Tess Hilmo, J.R. Johansson, Clark Schaffer, Kiersten White, Jannette Rallison, J. Scott Savage, Marion Jensen,  agent Amy Jameson, Tyler Whitesides, Frank Cole, Jo Schaffer, Lois Brown, Margie Jordan, Shannon Hale, James Lewis, Jennifer Jenkins, Aprilynne Pike.)

We had a blast! Almost 400 teens attended! Can't wait for next year. We already have an amazing keynote speaker lined up as well as a handful of awesome authors to teach in our break out sessions.

The first chapter contest winners showed impressive talent. The future of writing is in good hands! These teens are talented!

Highlights for me : 
*A hilarious keynote by author, Shannon Hale.
*Interacting with all the great teens!
*Performing a skit/song with author, Tyler Whitesides. (Which ended with a kilted bagpipe player that made the audience roar!)
* Using my ninja skills to throw author, Frank Cole on his back. (; (Love ya, Frank!) 

Many of the classes and our hilarious promo video are available on our site!


Kathleen and Stephan Seable said...

Looks like another great success!! Congratulations. Good work!

Heidi Jarvis said...

You're amazing! This was super cool!!