Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lady Bug Hill

Lady Bug Hill

I was an elf in the field nearby,

I tunneled through grass and mustard

Flowers as tall as my dad.

My kingdom had hills and a pond

Full of tiny frogs

And the bigger kids were brave warriors,

Kings of Lady Bug Hill on quests.

Collecting flowers and bugs,

Sword fighting with sticks like curved bone,

Shouting with triumph.

Like Rome my happy place is gone now,

The field housed magical secrets,

Children’s summer adventures.

Housing like headstones mark where fun

And make believe lived.


Terri said...

This reminds me of playing in the two acres we lived on out in the hill country of Texas. No field of flowers, it was a mix of cedar, oak, thistle and tall dry weeds that grew in quick twist broke them all off and yielded a hand full of long "straws." Such wonderful memories! Thanks for evoking those magical childhood play days.

Maribel said...

If only we could go back to childhood at least for a few moments and realize what a gift it was to be a child (and enjoy it!)

Anonymous said...

I really like this jo!! you definitely have a gift for writing...thanks for sharing :)

The Lipman Bunch said...

That's deep! sad! makes me not want to grow up.