Thursday, April 16, 2015

Against Her Will and TABC 2015

Last weekend I had a book signing at the Viridian  and launched Against Her Will at Teen Author Boot Camp! I was blown away by the support and enthusiasm shown to me and my book. Thank you to everyone!

TABC was epic this year. With a crowd of over 700 people and so many great classes to choose from, it was like a day-long author party! The teens make it the best. Their talent and enthusiasm creates so much positive energy.

We kicked off the day with a silly video in the manner of Kid History (Bored Shorts) with a little help from actor Richard Sharrah.

The book signing was high energy and the kids had us signing books, t-shirts, notebooks, programs and even arms!

Our keynotes, Brandon Sanderson and Jessica Day George were so awesome! Some ninjas (from the dojo where I trained for my black belt) performed a Mistborn inspired routine to introduce Brandon Sanderson and he said it was the best intro he'd ever had. The crowd went nuts over it!

There was also an author lip sinc for a smashing finish to an awesome day. My group, Writers Cubed, puts so much into TABC each year, and it is worth all we do! We are truly grateful for the gang of talented writers who come and participate each year.

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