Monday, August 18, 2014

Against Her Will... and what I will and won't do as an agent...

My writing adventure on both sides of the fence continues. As I write and rewrite my own projects and read/review my clients’ manuscripts, I’m amazed at how the time flies by. I stare at the screen until my rear end hurts and then realize I haven’t gotten up to pace in a couple of hours. Are my eyes about to fall out? Maybe. The days go on and on this way. Paddling around in a sea of words, immersed in imaginary worlds. Work, work, work. Luckily, I have a passion for it—even if it can be rather intense at times. It’s exactly what I want to be doing.
And then after forever and yet all of a sudden I’m staring at the cover of a book with my own name on it. My most recent project has been to co-author a realistic YA called Against Her Will with Serita Stevens. The story takes place in a psych ward for teens and is based on some real things my co-author observed while working as a nurse for many years. The book releases in Spring of 2015! 
Speaking of wills, each of us decides what we will and won’t do. As an agent I will read for countless hours if I believe in the writer. I will give my honest opinion about what I read, and I will dedicate my time and energy into getting a project ready for submission. But there are few things I’ve decided I won’t do. I won’t rewrite or line edit for a client and I won’t submit anything I don’t have faith in... (to see full article read original post on The Rogue)


Lois D. Brown said...

LOVE this cover. You rock the publishing world!

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Lois is right: that cover is stunning. I wish you only success as both author and agent. As for me, I am going to out and toddle a bit to build up my strength! :-)