Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Case FIle 13, Zombie Kid Book Launch

Tonight, Writers Cubed partied at J. Scott Savage's book launch for his new book, Case File 13, Zombie Kid.
The Cube knows him as Jeff or "Dad" because he was actually the man who, in a way, gave Writers Cubed their start by encouraging critique groups in a community writing class that he taught in our area.

 Jeff Savage is the author of eleven published books including the Farworld fantasy series, the Shandra Covington mystery series, The Fourth Nephite, the Case File 13 series by Harper Collins. He has visited over 400 schools and teaches many writing class and conferences.

At the launch he rapped about the living dead, handed out gruesome prizes and fans were fed brains (delicious cupcake confections shaped as brains) during the book signing.

Savage will be teaching a course on Finding Your Voice at this year's Teen Author Boot Camp, presented by Writers Cubed.

Way to go, "Dad"!


Nick Wilford said...

That looks like a very fun launch! Thanks for sharing, and looks like a great book too.

Lois D. Brown said...

So much fun!!!

Okie said...

Looks like a super fun time. When I got my TKE newsletter and read about this event I really wanted to go...sadly I help with our local scout group on Wednesday nights.

Thanks for sharing photos and info on the experience. I've got the book on my list to read...looking forward to checking it out. :)

Bonnee Crawford said...

A nice little launch. It must be great to be able to go out and visit kids at schools, and offer them something like the knowledge and skills he's gained from personal experiences in the writing and publishing industry. Nice scary faces you ladies are pulling in that photo... I want to try the brain cupcakes now :)