Monday, October 15, 2012

Shannon Hale and Libba Bray

In recent booky events, Writers Cubed had the fun opportunity to visit with Shannon Hale and Libba Bray at their book signing. They are amazing YA authors and definite favorites!  It was very entertaining to hear their hilarious and lively banter. They are friends and have toured together before--so the funny anecdotes flew. Also they sang a very amusing rendition of Total Eclipse of the heart...
 They each have a long list of released titles and an incredible track record. Both very intelligent, funny and super cool people and absurdly good writers. If you have not read them--DO IT. I have read Shannon's Austenland and  its sequel and The Goose Girl. SO good! And I read Libba's Great and Terrible Beauty trilogy. Outstanding. The talent of these two is nauseating!
Check out Shannon Hale's books here.    
  And the amazing Libba Bray here!

We are so pleased to say that Shannon Hale will be the keynote speaker at Writers Cubed upcoming Teen Author Boot Camp. She is a Newbery Award winner and NYT Best Seller. She has recently come off  a movie shoot for the film adaptation of her awesome book, Austenland, directed by Jerusha Hess (wife and partner of Jared Hess of Napolean Dynamite fame) produced by Stephanie Meyer, who is her good friend. We feel very lucky and excited to have Shannon join us and the kids of TABC 2013.


Yvonne Osborne said...

Looks like a lot of fun and you got a good thing goin with your Writers Cubed.

I like the sketch of your characters. Funny how much they become a part of us and how in our minds we know exactly what they look like.

David P. King said...

I'm insanely jealous. Okay - not insanely, but that would have been awesome to hear their rendition of Eclipse of the Heart. :)

Kathleen and Stephan Seable said...

Great synergy happens when talented people get together. Thanks for sharing!