Friday, December 23, 2011

The Time In Between

I had heard some buzz about this book, THE TIME IN BETWEEN by Maria Duenas and was intrigued. I was ready for a little heavier read, with historic and social issues and this did not disappoint. It is a runaway hit in Europe. This English translation retains the beautiful prose and  richly textured descriptions of war torn European and exotic African worlds at a crucial time in history.

In a time of unrest and civil war in Spain, the life of a young Spanish seamstress, Sira, shatters when the man she loves betrays her. Abandoned in Morocco, she is determined to pull her crumbling life back together. She finds herself sewing and designing couture clothing for the wives of powerful and influential men. 

The political intrigues and power plays in Europe as Franco and Hitler rise to power leave no one untouched- including innocent, grieving, Sira, who at first becomes an unwitting participant in espionage as a means of survival. Over time and circumstances Sira becomes a practiced spy and a woman of the world. 

Extremely well written. The deep research that must have gone into this historical novel blows my mind. The characters are interesting and many are actual figures from this time period. You see huge growth in the main character from beginning to end. A satisfying read.


Roland D. Yeomans said...

Well, you have me going over to Amazon for it. Merry Christmas to you and to all those you love.

Sarah Pearson said...

This sounds wonderful.

Happy holiday, Jo :-)

TS Hendrik said...

Sounds like a pretty good read. I might have to give that one a go. I tend to be a sucker for historical novels.

Merry Christmas!

White List said...

You have an amazing blog! I love how you have such a different perspective on things!!! Look forward to seeing more. Happy New Year in advance!

Julie said...

Yay for another book to read!

Its nice to mix up the normal YA "fluff" with something heavier ( :

Not that I'm not a fan of the YA fluff... lets be honest. I love it. But variety? Its nice!

Thanks for the recommend!