Friday, May 6, 2011

Iron Man Mask Giveaway Reminder

My husband's film project CLEVERER is still on Kickstarter. Watch the video at the link or click the widget on the top right of my blog. He's giving away some great prizes to those who help out with a donation. Even a few bucks will get my sweetie closer to his dream of making his own film-- after years of making other people's movies. Please donate and pass it on!

Any of my Followers who would be willing to blog about Clark's Kickstarter project will have their name put into a drawing to win a face plate of the Iron Man mask made by Clark for the Iron Man 2 movie.

After blogging it--if you also Tweet, Facebook or get it out there any other way your name will go in again for each way you passed on the word. If you're really ambitious you can blog it up to three times through May and June -more chances to win!

 Keep me informed via comments or write me at jo at writerscubed dot com.
The drawing will not take place until the Kickstarter deadline has passed. Please help us spread the word!
Get involved in the movie biz and make my man's dream come true!

Thanks everyone!


TS Hendrik said...

I've got a post written up for next week. Do you mind if I swipe the picture of the faceplate for the post?

Jo Schaffer said...

Awesome.Do it. This pic shows the whole helmet from the movie. The face plate or mask part is the giveaway.

Elizabeth Mueller said...

Is that your hubby's face there? Look at that serious expression! :D

YA Paranormal Romance Darkspell coming soon!


Elliot Grace said...

...fantastic contest! That's my younger son's favorite movie!

Great day to stumble upon your blog:)


Crystal Collier said...

Wow. Pretty awesome. I don't want a prize, but I've tweeted it, and will blog about it soon. I sincerely hope this dream becomes a reality. =)

Nas Dean said...

Very nice...I've tweeted it as well..and will also forgo the prize. I hope your dreams turn into reality pretty soon!

Susan Fields said...

Good luck to your husband - how exciting!

Talli Roland said...

Good luck to your husband and his new project! Exciting!

Lois D. Brown said...

Love ya Jo. People support this guy. He's amazing!

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