Thursday, May 5, 2011

Awards and seven random facts about Jo

I got this delicious looking award from David Powers King.  
Thanks, man!

So with this award I'm supposed to :

1. Link it back to my giver.

2. Tell you seven things about me.

3. Award it to fifteen other blogs and let them know.

HOMEWORK??  (= Ok here I go with seven things about me...

1. I have green eyes.
2. I'm working on my black belt in Taekwondo.
3. I'm a health food freak.
4. I've had a crush on my man since I was 12 years old. (That didn't stop me from dating and having boyfriends through high school and college. Couldn't just wait around for him to notice me. Incidentally, I proposed to him first--of course he said..."Heck yeah!")
5. I share a birthday with Frank Sinatra--and I love him.
6. Rain and hot chocolate make me happy.
7. I really like Indian food.

How exciting was that? Now for the 15 bloggers to pass this award on to:

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Please check out these blogs! (=

 And for this award--Thank you to Elizabeth Mueller.
 The A-Z Challenge was fun!


Susan Fields said...

Fun facts - and congrats on the award!

TS Hendrik said...

Black belt? Well I was going to swipe your wallet but not now. haha

NiaRaie said...

I stopped by to learn more about you and lo and behold, I have an award! Thanks that's so sweet of you! Also, I really want to try Indian food and I am addicted to hot chocolate!

Shannon Lawrence said...

I love the rain and I have green eyes, too (though people always have to ask since they are hazel and change colors). Thank you for the award! I will be posting later on today.

Johanna Garth said...

Thanks for the award Jo!

I love hot chocolate too but not the rain. We get so much of it in Portland that sometimes I feel like I'm underwater :)

Catherine Denton said...

These were so fun to read! I especially love that you crushed on your man since you were twelve. I'd enjoy hearing that story! And you'll have to let us know when you reach the black belt. :)

Candyland said...

Black belt? Seriously? That's awesome!!!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Congratulations! And nothing wrong with eating healthy.

Kelly said...

Great tidits about you!!
Don't mess with this green eyed chick! She has a black belt! Impressive!

Elizabeth Mueller said...

Jo, congrats on the awards! Wooot! And thank you for the pizza one, it made my mouth water!

Black belt! Whooot! I was about to get my purple one, but I didn't like the way the instructor handled things so I dropped out. Too bad, hu? And then we couldn't afford it anymore! :(

YA Paranormal Romance Darkspell coming soon!


Jo Schaffer said...

HAHA! I said "working on my black belt." I don't have it yet-- but I could still kick your trash. (;

The Golden Eagle said...

Congratulations on the award!

A black belt? Awesome!

ihaveabackbone said...

12? What a lucky guy. I eyed my man at 17 because I had a thing for red-headed boys. There were only two in my town and the first one wouldn't go out with me. Ha!

Michael Di Gesu said...

Great to get to know you better and congrats on the award!

Misha said...

Thanks so much for the award! I've never gotten this one before. ^_^

BTW I'm super impressed that you're working towards your black belt.

Bossy Betty said...

Sorry I am so late picking up my award! I was putting on this tight sequined gown and my tiara or I would have been here sooner!

Thanks so much!

S.B.Niccum said...

Karma sounds great! Thanks for stopping by Elizabeth's blog and leaving a message!

Elizabeth Mueller said...

Lol! I thought that was pizza! Slap me silly... ugh

Talli Roland said...

Black belt! Yikes! I wouldn't want to get you angry. :)

Jamie Burch said...

Thank you, Jo! This really means a lot to me.

Very cool random facts!

Hope you have a fantastic week...:)

Barbara Kloss said...

New follower!...I love that you're working on your black belt in Taekwondo. So cool!