Wednesday, April 27, 2011

X is for XENA

I loved the Warrior Princess back in the late 1990s.  I always like strong, empowered lead females in shows or in books. Xena rocked. She paved the way for heroines like *Buffy Summers* of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and *Sydney Bristow* of Alias, etc. Maybe they are why I decided to take up kick boxing and then Taekwondo. (=

Don't. Mess. With. Me. (I'd prefer hugs to slugs but don't push your luck!)

So for Halloween one year, I told my husband to make me a Xena costume. He seriously made it like it was no big deal-- because he is awesome. (I wasn't really this washed out... flash + scan-of-old-pic = GHOST)

Do strong women inspire you or intimidate you?


Roland D. Yeomans said...

I've always been attracted to strong women. Wow. Your husband made you an awesome Xena outfit.

I have always been a Xena fan. I have what Sandra jokingly calls my Xena shrine. Three autographed plaques signed by Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor, and Hudson Leich (Callisto). And the porcelain figures beneath them. Sigh. I am such a geek sometimes.

Speaking of awesome -- come check out the awesome book trailer Wendy Tyler Ryan did for my RITES OF PASSAGE. Have a great day, Roland

TS Hendrik said...

I never really got into Xena but that has more to do with living cable free in the Canadian boonies at the time. haha

Dang... he went all out on the costume. Puts to shame all the cheap store bought ones that were popular for awhile.

Anonymous said...

I love this picture of you. Seriously, it's one of my favorites. It embodies everything that you are, especially with regard to your drive and determination in your writing career.

Johanna Garth said...

Fabulous photo!

I never got into Xena but I loved Buffy! Go strong women!!

Phoenix said...

Awesome photo - my friends very much loved Xena (and I'm a bit of a fan too) and I'm so glad she paved the way for other kick ass women to shine. She's such a role model!

Colene Murphy said...

AHHH!! Hahaha! I LOVE IT! Xena has always been a big thing for me. Grew up with Xena. Love. Love. Love! AWESOME choice!

Burgh Golfer said...

You're totally rockin' that outfit, girl!

I highly admire strong women. In fact, I would describe most of my friends as strong. What impresses me most is when a strong, confident women can project those traits in a positive way. Thinking about it, I admire physically strong women as long as they don't want to get into fist-a-cuffs with me!

Susan Fields said...

I love the picture - what a great costume!

DEZMOND said...

he he great costume, Jo :)
Lucy Lawless is such a charming actress. I love her a lot in SPARTACUS too!