Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Q is for Queen

QUEEN ROCKS! As a teen of the 1990s, it was Wayne's World that put Queen on my radar. I know, I know--pathetic. But any way is better than no way. (= I still love to blare this song and head bang to it with my kids and friends. (=
Enjoy it the way I heard it first.


TS Hendrik said...

Ha, the last post I read was also covering Queen. They are a great band. I got into them because of my older sisters.

Anonymous said...

Wayne's World was such a classic movie. You can't mention Queen without remembering Another One Bites the Dust. At the end of dust, they do an Aaaa, as in Another One Bites the Dustaa. My sister always thought they were singing Another One Bites the Doctor. Seriously. I just mailed your book out today - so sorry for the delay!

busy91 said...

Queen is a great band. They were on my radar a wee bit before Wayne's World though, however, I think that movie brought them back into the limelight! BR is still one of my fav songs, but We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions will always hold a special place in my heart.