Thursday, April 14, 2011

M is for Movies

I love movies. I like them action packed, chick flicks, comedies, classics, documentaries, indies, martial arts, thought provoking--you name it. I like the theater experience--in the darkness, big screen and popcorn--or at home in a cozy blanket. I like watching movies with friends or alone. Heck--whenevah!

Like books, we share a human experience through film. We learn something from every movie--it's a communication and an art. Discovery, exploration, expression and sometimes catharsis!
I don't have a "favorite" list-- that's too hard. But I will list some movies that I really enjoyed a lot --for various reasons.

1. Moulin Rouge-- the music!
2. The Mission-- epic, and heart wrenching
3. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind-- quirky, thought provoking
4. About a Boy-- made me smile, made me think
5. Jane Eyre (2011)-- good adaption of a great book
6. Star Wars--because it is awesome
7. War of the Buttons--fun and adorable
8. Most BBC adaptaions of novels (=
9. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon-- freaking awesome and beautiful
10.The Gods Must Be Crazy--Funny!
11. Chariots Of Fire--Inspiring
12. What the BLEEP Do We Know--fascinating
13. Dead Poets Society--Wow.
14. Clueless-- teehee!
15. Juno--spot on
16. Silverado--yeeehaw!
17. Enchanted April--yes, please!
18. Nacho Libre--quotable--and I "know" the director. (=
19. Rear Window--gasp!
20. The Thin Man series-- so suave, so witty
21. Strictly Ballroom--HAHAHA!
22. Indiana Jones--it rocks
23. So I Married An Axe Murderer--the only time Mike Myers didn't bug me (other than the first Wayne's World) and it was shot in the Bay Area--yay!
24. Bourne Identity--YES!
25. Singin' In the Rain--all smiles and happiness

I could seriously go on and on! And these are only the tip of the iceberg!
What are your fave flicks and why??

If you want to get involved in movie making yourself-- click here! My husband's movie will be so fun! And there are prizes!


TS Hendrik said...

There is no way I could narrow it down. I think that's why I started a movie-ish blog. haha

The fact that you have both So I Married an Axe Murderer and Singing in the Rain on the same list, speaks volumes to your good taste in film.

Shannon Lawrence said...

Love the list! I'm a movie fan, myself. My first job was at a movie theater (and my second and my third...). Sometimes I even think about getting a job at at theater just for the heck of it.

I did a shout out to you on my blog as an award.

Anonymous said...

I like come-from-behind movies. Rudy. Rocky. Million Dollar Baby. Crying and cheering at the end kind of movies.

Wendy G. Ewurum said...

If not for movies I wouldn't watch the telly to be honest. Too many that I love ut somewhere at the top would be the Boondock saints, Underworld, Chicago, what woman want...... the list goes on.