Saturday, April 9, 2011

H is for Harrison

Harrison Ford is one of my favorite actors of all time. Rugged, manly, cocky, earnest--the every man and the hero. Here are three roles he played that top my fave characters EVAH!

He was awesome as the scoundrel Han Solo, like an Old West hero in space.

Nobody could resist the charming, adventurous Indiana Jones. I swear those movies had a major influence on me as a kid. (I majored in Archaeology before English.)

As Dr. Richard Kimble he kept us on the edge of our seats--on his side all the way.

So no matter how bizarre the concept-- you can believe I'm going to go see his latest movie.

Do you have a favorite Harrison Ford movie?

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The Words Crafter said...

Is Cowboys and Aliens out?!!! I didn't know he was in it. Loved him as Richard Kimble and Indy and Han.

Have you ever seen Regarding Henry? It's really sweet.

Jo Schaffer said...

@ The Words Crafter--I think it somes out soon!
YES-- I really likes that movie too--he was so adorably innocent in that.
Thanks for shoveling with me. (=

TS Hendrik said...

I want to see the movie because of how bizarre the concept is. And it should be good to see him doing a fun movie again.

Kelly said...

My favorite Harrison Ford movie is either Empire STrikes BAck or Raiders of the Lost Ark.
And I wrote him a letter in fifth grade telling him just that. :)

Anonymous said...

I liked the Fugitive. "I didn't kill my wife!"

Tammy Hendricks said...

I love all those you listed, but I prefer the Indy movies. I agree with The Word Crafter, Regarding Henry is sad, and sweet. I love it.

phillH48 said...

I think his roles in the Tom Clancy films are his best e.g. Patriot Games. He plays the character just like in the books
Yours Phill at

Mark and Kiss said...

You know I love Harrison! I think Mark is jealous, ha ha ha, jk. He wouldn't let me name our first son Harrison though, so maybe he is, he claims it just wouldn't be right to name one of our kids Harry Savage, whatever, ya, he must be jealous!