Monday, January 31, 2011

Teen Author Boot Camp

My fabulous writing group, Writers Cubed has been busy! We are organizing and putting on a Teen Author Boot Camp for local aspiring  young writers-- to be hosted by Utah Valley University. We are bringing in awesome guest authors to lead great break-out sessions for attendees. The kids will hone their writing skills by learning at the feet of their idols. We hope to mentor their budding passions and ambitions in a fun environment with other creative kids and published authors, giving them an opportunity to win prizes and be recognized for their talents and get the tools to improve their skills. These teens are the now and the future of the written word and we take them seriously.
Some of our amazing guest authors include: Kiersten White-- best selling author of Paranormalcy, our beloved "Queen of the Net" Elana Johnson-- author of Possession, Matthew Kirby-- author of The Clockwork Three, --to name a few!

Keep posted on Facebook. And to learn more or for registration check us out HERE!



Valerie said...

That looks like such a fun opportunity for them!

Anonymous said...

Well said Jo Jo!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That's cool! I saw another writer fest for kids on a blog this week as well.

Phoenix said...

This sounds awesome! I'm so glad young adult writers are going to get these kinds of opportunities :) I think if more kids became writers, the better the world might be.