Sunday, September 12, 2010


My friend, Amy grows raspberries. The other day I went out there with my sister, neice and a few of the little ones.
There is something about picking raspberries....There is no fast way to do it. One at a time, gently pulling each berry--forced to slow down to the rhythm of nature.The sun warmed my skin and lit up the berries like Christmas lights as I moved the leafy branches aside to find the edible rubies where they hid.

I got the sense that I was doing something good and natural and that connection to the earth that modern life blurs or obliterates, hummed in me. The children delighted in the process and my quiet introspection was only now and then interrupted by pleasant conversation.

Raspberries are so pretty in their plainness. And when you pop them into your mouth their sweet tangy-ness tastes like sunny days, popsicles and tree climbing while hinting at something classier somehow--rich desserts and wedding cakes...Mmmmm...
At $2 per pound it is a bargain to pick them yourself (around $8 per pound at the store). I made a pie and a batch of jam after we snacked on some fresh. Delicious. Can't wait to do it again.

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I know my wife prefers to pick strawberries rather than buy them in the store. Don't know if raspberries even grow around here.

Roland D. Yeomans said...

My mother was half-Lakota Sioux and passed down to me her love of and connection to Nature (she called her The Turquoise Woman.)

"Always have respect for her, Little One," she would tell me as a child, "for she has none for you; and the way Man treats her, can you blame her?"

"Fight her," she said, "and you will lose in the end. She is much bigger than you, endures longer than you, and is prettier than you."

And with that, she would tweak my nose and laugh.

Thanks for dropping my blog and commenting, Roland (in between blood runs.)

Mark and Kiss said...

Oh, I love feeling, that connection. Being out in the garden this summer and picking blackberries has really soothed my soul, I know that I am doing a good thing.

Lisa said...

Raspberries are wonderful -- what a fun time!

Elana Johnson said...

I worked in Bear Lake picking raspberries for two summers. I know how hard it is. But they're so delicious!!

Valerie said...

I love raspberries, but have never picked them. It sounds like a great activity with the kids that has a delicious treat built in.

Phoenix said...

I used to go berry-picking in the summer with my family all the time. I miss it so much :)

Where do you pick your berries? My friends and I go out to Oak Glen sometimes...that's the closest place I know of that has berries to pick.

Great post - now I want fresh berries!

Heidi said...

It so fun picking berries as a family, and then baking a pie. It's the little red hen story, but with a good ending.