Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Immersed in it...

As you can see I have been vacationing away from the blog for a while.  I have had a huge influx of family visitors in and out...classes, meetings, then a big trip out of state for a massive family reunion which I will mention in a future post... and I have been otherwise  busy and or unavailable.
 I think I have read a zillion novels in the last few months. Which has been a substitute for getting back to writing the sequel to the novel I am currently going through the query quagmire with. Help!
I'm having trouble getting back into writing. I was soooo good for so long about keeping it up. Then I stopped and getting back into it is hard to do. Made harder by the fact that recent activities and interactions with family and travel have sparked too many ideas for an array of new story ideas. But I must finish what I started... right?
I also realize that I have yet to follow through with the Iron Man mask husband has been so busy. He is currently finishing up a film and going over an offer for a new SyFy pilot.
Also the interview with author Erin Kellison is still pending. She had deadlines--and her new book is being released soon.
The kids are now back in school. Hopefully I will get back into the groove and write. Been reading ebooks lately...I still prefer paper, but you can't stop the horseless carriage.

Last night I went to a great concert with two of my Writers Cubed buddies. Owl City opened for John Mayer. A fun show.
John Mayer is a true musician--almost to the point that you want him to stop jamming between songs and get to the next one. But I appreciate his skill and passion. He has been through a lot since being in the spot light. It used to get him down when he could not please everyone or when negative things are said about him in the media. But he said all hating starts with self hate. So he decided to love himself and not worry about it. His advice was that if people put you down or say that people are saying stuff just say..." I want names. Give me names." He said it is likely they won't come up with a name or will mention someone who doesn't matter. So who cares. (= So the message is love yourself--because if you do nobody can make you feel unloveable or bad about yourself. Nice thought.
 I love to get into music and think how a musician's process is probably not that different than the writer. Music really inspires me. And I need inspiration right now!
So...I ask my bloggy friends to leave an inspiring comment below.
And anyone else been to any concerts lately? What did you get from it?


DJ Kirkby said...

I do 'do' concerts too much sensory overload. As for the writing well I would say summer is the time to put down writing. Relax your mind, let your ideas be fruitful. Now is the time to harvest them and make them into wonderful treasures. Now...if I could just get on with it instead of actually making harvest food stuffs into preserves then I'd be doing it the right way. So I'll be getting on with that...just as soon as I've made this last batch of fig jame.

welcome to my world of poetry said...

I haven'y been to a concert lately, I was going to go to Nashville in June but due to heavy flooding that was cancelled until next Feb, I go usually to quite a few during the year but the person whose's concert I go to have been abroad for most of the year, I will be seeing him in my home town in Dec, so not long to wait, and of course with a little luck make Nashville next year.


Roland D. Yeomans said...

I've missed you. But I'm glad you had so much positive going on in your life.

How about writing one short story on one of those new ideas that appeal to you?

Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting. I believe I started my serial ghost-murder mystery GHOST OF A CHANCE in the time since you left. I've had fun with it.

I will say a prayer that your husband finds just the right new project to work on. Roland

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Been awhile since I went to a concert, although I've seen at least a hundred in my lifetime.

Anonymous said...

Inspiring comment... Observe.

Sometimes when you need a blog break, you really just need to watch the world around you.

Write Chick said...

Only you will know what this comment means, BUT... you can do an awful lot with kleenex. :-D Hahaha

Candyland said...

Everyone should know by now New Medicine brought me back to life and showed me how to not only be wife and mother and all the other things, but to be *me*

Jemi Fraser said...

Once you get back into a writing habit it'll come back! :)

Tammy Hendricks said...

I must say, I have missed your posts. I'm glad you are back!

I can't even remember the last concert I went to. I think it was Matchbox 20, before I was married. I had a raging migrane, and couldn't even enjoy being in the 3rd row. I had earplugs in, and layed in the seat like a glob of Jello waiting for it to be over. Not fun.

Mark and Kiss said...

Welcome back to blogworld Jojo! Last concert was Barry Manilow in the 80's, oh wait, yes, yes, last and only concert ever attended. I had a ball and sang every word....(now that was inspiring wasn't it?) ;P

Loved time together this summer and miss your guts already.

Life is good.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back.

I hope you get back into your writing groove. Just write a little bit every day, and it'll happen.