Thursday, July 29, 2010

Seriously...who LOOKs like this!?

I have been out of town and so busy! I have missed blogging. Hope ya'll are still out there!

I have often mused over the whole phenomenom of attractiveness.--particularlly in film. There seems to be such a vast number of factors that make a leading man irresistable. Looks is only one of them--but not the main reason, really... I have listed only a few examples. Actually these guys are cute--but there are so many others who are perhaps less physically attractive who still have the same powers.

Pretty man much? Sometimes you come across a face so pretty it should not be on a dude. The kind of face that when he's playing the tough guy in a show, you cringe when he gets punched in the face. Like something that beautiful will shatter like fine china. This guy should be kept in a bullet proof safe with temperature and humidity control...sort of invokes a mothering reaction. Protect that sweet baby face!

Uhhh...stutter-stutter. Then there is the dangerous handsome. Like, I dunno, huge, sharp blades could shoot out of his fists at any moment--but somehow you still want a closer look. And you WANT to see him get punched--just to see what will happen to the poor sap who tries. Guh!
Alpha males spell protection and passion.

"Hello, ladies." Sometimes...if they are so adorable and funny that they can make you laugh that's IT. Plus, this guy is classy. (;

Soulful...with a side of sweet, anyone?

Rascal! Your buddy, pal, guy-next-door...sigh. With a dark side. Intriguing.

I actually find it fascinating how many different things make an actor appealing or attractive. The "Awwww" factor just as much as the kick-your-trash factor. Attractiveness can be so least to a woman.
I'd like to hear some opinions on this...
1. Who would you add to the attractive actor list and why?
2. Is it different for men? Are inflated boobs on anorexic blondes really IT for them everytime?
Leave a comment!


welcome to my world of poetry said...

I guess different people look for different things to make an actor/actress. what appeals to some don't to others.


Mark and Kiss said...

Does it surprise you that I like the "dangerous handsome"? probably not. ha ha ha ha Love the rugged man.

Anonymous said...

Jon Hamm aka. DOn Draper from Mad Men.
Um.... Wow.

Not only is he devilishly handsome the character he portrays is ... well... an ego-centric, lying, cheating, power-driven, secretive take control kind of guy.

Not that I find these all attractive qualities, but something about the whole package drives me nuts.

If he was a neighbor on Two and a Half Men, I don't think he would have the same effect.

Candyland said...

Well you know my husband and I BOTH are gaga for Taylor Lautner, so...his type apparently varies,lol.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Can't comment on the guys. Really, I have no idea what women see in us!
On a woman, I prefer cute. Cute AND hot is even better. Big fake boobs - unattractive!

Jemi Fraser said...

To me it all comes down to the eyes - and the twinkle. It's more attractive than anything else.

Nykreim said...

I think many times if the "industy" says things about the how they are portrayed in a part...people seem to sort of grab onto that and suddenly they seem attractive. Not something I have ever gotten. For example... the Patterson kid from Twilight. Really???? I mean really?? I do not see the apeal.
So that makes me wonder if my attraction to tall dark and handsome is simply because my brain was trained to be attracted to that sort! Either way... :)

Phoenix said...

I have never been one for pretty boys... but I definitely see the appeal of the Dangerous Handsome guy (Hugh Jackman, call me!), the funny guy, and the rascal next door who might just have a heart of gold underneath the damaged exterior.

Let's see... no, I think you covered everything :)

I'd add Johnny Depp - classy with a hint of rascal and rebel. But you know he's always gonna have your back at the end of the day :)

Jo Schaffer said...

True-- pretty boys are more for mothering...a different kind of attraction--I am more of a Hugh Jackman kinda girl.
Johnny Depp is kinda pretty but kinda rugged too.

Hart Johnson said...

I definitely prefer a naughty look--Depp has it--the scruffy face and the eyes that are undressing you. I am bad with names, but the guy who plays McSteamy on Grey's has the right look.

I don't often follow the trends though--if somebody is too perfect looking, I get annoyed, and I am not a fan of overly buff--I like LEAN buff with that little muscle over the hip bone really defined, but not puffy buff with a big ol- inflated chest. your bad boy up there is pretty nice...

Anonymous said...

I'd add Daniel Craig, because in my opinion he comes across as not knowing he's attractive...humble handsome.

Thanks for the eye candy.

RosieC said...

Oh, my top additions have already been mentioned (Johnny Depp, Taylor Lautner, Daniel Craig). I might also want to add Daniel Radcliffe? I'll have to think about that one.

And, indeed, thanks for the nice shots :)

Eleni @ La Femme Readers said...

Lmao, nice post! The guy in the Axe commercial cracks me up! Hm I think you missed some Keanu Reeves or Ian Somerhandler from Vampire Diaries & Lost - they are fineee specimens! :)

Thank you for following my blog, I now follow yours too hun!

Julie Musil said...

I'd add Ryan Reynolds to the list. I still drool over him in The Proposal. He's cute AND funny. Perfect combination!

Lynda Young said...

I go for a man with strong arms..but not a bodybuilder. I don't know who else I'd add to your list.

Susan Fields said...

I don't know who I'd add to your list - it's already a pretty darn good list! Maybe Johnny Depp, Cam Gigandet, Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhal.

Tammy Hendricks said...

I think I need to add "The foreign Man" to your list. His accent will make the tax law book sound like poetry. Also, "The Fictional Character" as in Indiana Jones. You fall in love with him on screen, but not necessarily Harrison Ford off of it.

Other than that, I agree with Johnny Depp as the mysterious man, Heath ledger as the pretty one, and Ryan Reynolds as the comedian.

Jo said...

Hmmmm....I saw Jon Hamm (Don Draper) at one of my favorite little restaurants last night. Incredibly handsome and super put together. Not for me.

I have a thing for scary old guys. Think Jack Nicholson, Gary Oldman (who's actually not all that old). I'm not sure what that says about me as a person. :/

You said it best when you said that attractiveness can be so diverse!

Hope you have a great weekend!!

Jo said...

P.S. Argh! My brain went on a two minute vacation when I was typing the above comment and I said that Gary Oldman was a scary old guy. He is not. For some reason my mind was telling me his name, but my brain was thinking MICKY ROURKE. Now his is one scary hunk of man, and perhaps the above comment might make a little more sense. ;)

Mr. Stupid said...

I can't comment on the guys. Though, I have always wondered what people see in actors to put them up in movies. As Yvonne said, what appeals to some, doesn't to others.

Talli Roland said...

I don't like pretty men - I much prefer stubble! I honestly can't think of any actors now I find super sexy. Johnny Depp, maybe?

Lois D. Brown said...

Hey Jo,

Scientists say that attractiveness is all about the correct proportions. Seriously. Our eye is pleased when the face is a certain length when compared with nose size ect. It's also why babies make us coo and are so cute. It's the way our senses interpret the proportions of a baby face. Fun topic.

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The Urban Cowboy said...

It's not the big fake boobs that does it for me. One of my favorite actresses is Milla Jovovich...far from big boobs. She rocks!

Will Burke said...

Hopefully, we'll see the end of big, fake boobs soon. I'm with Alex, with the cute/hot mix, like Tina Fey, or Drew Barrymore (long hair, not bobbed).