Friday, May 14, 2010

Summer Bucket List

Join me in this Blog hop. Share what you want to do for YOU this summer.Sign up below!
Here is mine:

1.Submit polished chapters to the agent who requested them.

2.Query, query, query


4.Girls Night Out-- as often as possible.

5.Read at least three books--just for fun!

6.Headshots done (=


8.Spend luxury week at the Mayacama

9.Lose ten pounds...(again)

10.Drink more green smoothies!


Karen said...

Sounds like a great list!

Good luck with your awesome summer!

And thanks for participating!

Claudine 'Nino' Parks said...


Jennee said...

Looks like you're going to have a busy summer...and a fun one too! I hope you keep us updated with staying true to your bucket list! Thanks for joining in the blog hop!

The Empress said...

I love bucket lists. To start a blog was on mine, and I did it!!

Have a wonderful weekend, and than you for your visit. So glad the Sienna commercial made you laugh.

Mark and Kiss said...

What are your favorite green smoothie recipes, or main ingredients?

angie said...

I LOVE how you are doing these blog hops. I'll have to participate in the summer one!

Leila Jones Photography said...

Love this...if you are local I will take your headshots!

Enjoyed meeting you at Angela's wedding!

LOVE LOVE the cute summer bucket list!!