Sunday, May 2, 2010

Soundtrack To My Life!

Songs summon strong emotions and specific memories. I thought it might be fun to make a list of some events and the songs that I associate with them. Here ya go. (in no particular order)

1. Bye, Baby Bunting-- My dad's deep voice, making me safe and warm in the hospital after I was hit by a car when I was little.

2. I Will Always Love You--Prom

3. Color Of My Love-- Wedding Day

4. 500 Miles, Whoomp There It Is, Queen of the Night--College days

5. Tub Thumping--Living in London as a student and dining in pubs

6. Always (Girl you are to me...etc)-- First kiss

7. Can't Touch This--High School

8. I Can't Fight This Feeling--My puppy love--(intense boyfriend)

9. Eternal Flame-- My big sis played this over and over, so I think of her.

10. I Wanna Run To You--My BFF (we had comical hand motions worked out to it)

11.  Africa-- My first perm. It was playing in the salon at the time.

12. Forever Young--Sitting in a car at night with a bunch of friends near graduation, it was on the radio and we were all meloncholy about how we were all splitting up for college etc.

13. Buffy Musical Soundtrack, Moulin Rouge Soundtrack--Driving around with Katie and Julia

14. Thunder, Replay, I've Got a Feelin', Tik Tok--Dancing with my girlfriends

15. Sinatra or Ella Fitzgerald--Happy kid at home

16. Time In A Bottle--My oldest sister Heather telling me stories at night

Well, there are a few. I'm interested to hear about some of yours!


Christina Lee said...

Really--there's a Buffy musical soundtrack? had no idea! I must investigate!

Write Chick said...

I already posted some of mine, but oh, Forever Young. Man, the memories associated with that and high school. Some of my others would be...

Family vacations with long drives: Dolly Parton and Dances with Wolves Soundtrack (My dad had eclectic tastes. :-) Haha)

Anything U2: My freshman year of college and driving to Yellowstone in the middle of the night.

RUSH: My crazy college roommate I was sure would murder me in my sleep--so I never slept.

Good times, Good times.

Jojomama said...

@Write Chick
Hahah! Scary roommate!

Anonymous said...

-We will Rock You- High School Football game. Concussion and seperated shoulder....and loving it.


jorobaby said...

Woomp! There it is!! Awww memories of You and Hunter at BYZOO!! And I miss the comical hand motions to "I want to run to you!" I have missed ya Jojo girl!

Xmas Dolly said...

I'm afraid if I told you my songs you wouldn't know what hey are much less the people who did them, so I'll just give you bands for my highschool days was the Beach Boys, Dave Clark 5, Four Seasons, The Jacksons, Beatles, Sonny & Cher. I think the Beach Boys & Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons were my favorite. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

MomladyHeather said...

I love that Time in a Bottle reminds you of me. I have been reading my jr. high/high school journals outloud to the kids and it is so fun to remember being your big sister when I had time to BE one.

The Empress said...

That post made me cry.

I'm so moved by music, too.

Sometimes, at our grocery store, if a certain song from my teen years comes on, I just have to stop. I can't shop anymore...

I know what you mean.

Very cute. I have often thought this.