Friday, May 7, 2010

Egyptian Heiroglyphic T- shirts by Tammy

My very talented friend, Tammy, makes these awesome personalized shirts. You can order them to say anything that you like in hieroglyphics!

They are so cool that I have decided to order one myself . . . just need to think of what I want it to say.

I think these would make great gifts. It would be a creative departure from the usual. Each one is original and unique.
Look for premade ones on Etsy soon.
But if you prefer a custom one you can order directly from Tammy. Specify the color of the shirt, whether you want the heiroglyphs in black or colored and what color to make the background of the cartouche. Send Tammy the short msg or word, you want converted to ancient Egyptian, on the front.Include your shirt size:
 matchgirl123 at aol dot com.

Adults are $20 (+4.95 s/h) kids are $15 (+4.95s/h)
She can combine orders for cheaper shipping.


SJDuvall said...

What do yours mean?

Tammy said...

Top to bottom- Puppy, kitty, snake, Veridia, and F*****rd. Can't put bad words on here, but that is what my brother requested. =) Thanks Jo!

Lisa and Laura said...

Love it! Those shirts look cool and I bet my kids would love them. I'll definitely keep this in mind. Thanks Jo!

Mark and Kiss said...

I got to see them in person, and they really are well done! I do want one for myself, but first I am going to order one for Anson for his birthday!

Claudine 'Nino' Parks said...

We love Egyptian anything - I'm soooo getting JP his name on a black shirt!