Sunday, April 25, 2010

Writing Conference

What could be better than a mob of writers crammed into a hotel and eating box lunches? Ok, I could think of several things...but the point is it's sort of a beautiful thing. I spent the weekend at a writing conference in the Marriott Hotel, surrounded by writers of all types and fonts, from the frumpy to the fabulous and I was among friends.
Only writers can be on the same page as other writers. We gathered to learn about our craft, network and encourage each other in the singular suffering and ecstasy that is writing.
While there I pitched to the agent of my dreams. Her name is Laura Rennert, senior agent of the Andrea Brown Literary agency. She's a Bay Area girl herself and has helped to bring about some pretty impressive and powerful books. My pitch was sloppy-- I had not come prepared to do a pitch because her sessions were full. It was a lucky fluke--or blessing from heaven--that I was able to slip in and talk with her at all. She was gracious and polite about my inept and unpolished attempt and I was put at ease by her calm, warm manner. In the end she politely said she liked the idea of my story--it caught her interst enough that she requested my first four chapters!It was among other things...overwhelming.Now the real work begins!
What ever happened to writing just for the joy of it? Oh, that died when I finished my novel and began my quest for publication. Deep breath. I signed up for this and will see it through. Right? Write?
So the conference, although lacking in some ways (several of the classes were agonizingly crummy) has paid off. By the end I was a sad sack of information in dread of the coming storm of work,but I did get a lot out of it!
The best thing about it was spending time with my writing group buddies (Maple Mountain Writer's Guild soon to have a website which I shall post here in the future.)
A shout out to all of my very talented and exraordinary writing friends! And an appeal to all of you for any positive vibes to be sent my way as I navigate the slippery slopes toward publication.


Anonymous said...

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (those are my good vibes, incase you were wondering).

The conference was a blast. Laura doesn't know how lucky she is for the chance to rep. you.

Rock it, girl! Love your guts.

Claudine 'Nino' Parks said...

Awesome! You go, JO!

Mark and Kiss said...

Wow! Good times, so fun to talk to you today. Great news! She will love your book, I couldn't put it down.

Alicia said...

Wow, that is awesome!! Are you from the Bay Area???

Thank you so much for taking your time to comment on my blog!

I love homeschooling (even with the hard days and all)!!

Roland D. Yeomans said...

I envy you the experience. As a blood courier, I get few days free. So I may never get to a conference myself. I wish you luck with Laura.

It took a great deal of courage to pitch your novel despite your fear. I wish you success in your submission to Laura.

Come visit my blog, WRITING IN THE CROSSHAIRS, if you have the time and inclination. I would love to exchange comments back and forth. Roland

Diana said...

Conferences are great! My first writer's conference I stood in amazement as I realized these were 'my people' they didn't stare because I suddenly reached for a pad of paper in my purse in the middle of our conversation, or cast odd looks when I talked to myself! They talked in the same apha code as me...POV meant something to them. AND a majority of them wore glasses.
I'm glad you enjoyed your conference. And the joy does return, I promise. Soon you'll be back in the create mode and life will be fun again.

Tahsha said...

I'm glad you were at the conference. Hopefully now that it's over, you can process everything and not be so overwhelmed. Your submission is going to be amazing! I know you have it in you!! *Smooches*

Kathleen and Stephan Seable said...

Good luck, baby. Were my comments helpful at all? Smooches!