Monday, April 26, 2010

Scumdance...Point and Shoot!

So,I'm married to a film maker ( his site is very outdated--he has worked on numerous projects since, including Gentlemen Broncos with Jared Hess and Iron Man 2. He is currently doing a short Sci-Fi with a group gunning for the Oscars and a film starring James Franco, directed by Danny Boyle who directed Slumdog Millionaire.
For this convoluted reason and because many of my friends are artists, bohemians and all around nuts we love to get together every summer and have our own film festival. We call it Scumdance. We submit short, silly films for our own amusement. We put blankets down in Jamie and Maribel's backyard and watch them projected onto a big screen. We eat and laugh and then plan for the next time. Jamie has posted a few of them online. There are so many films and we hope to load them all on someday.
Check me out in the short film 20 Minutes It is too cool for words. (Pay special attention to the sound affects!) And don't forget to laugh...teehee.


Tahsha said...

HAHA! Jo, you're a babe!

Mark and Kiss said...

Movie of the century, two thumbs up! I love the barbie doll!