Friday, April 30, 2010

Rewrite through the night

Don't hold back, girls--give me the brutal truth before the agent has to. (= Bahahahaaa!!!

SO, my novel. It's spit and polish time. Luckily for me, I have friends who write. They totally have my back. All night and into the next morning we sat and went over our pages--line by line. We tweaked, chopped and applauded one another's stories. In the delirium of the night and amid the hystrical laughter we made some great progress. I think my favorite thing about it was how we got past our mistakes with humor born of understanding.

We discussed things like:  Oh, hey--another redundant sentence--or WOW--it's a good thing you told me she looked at him with her eyes or we might have thought she looked at him with something else--or how many adverbs does one paragraph REALLY need?--or-- change that passive to an active--or--at this part my character will say something amazing that will make you all love him . . .Do you have to say SUDDENLY? Don't tell me--show me!

 It was fun to point out our common weaknesses. It gave me hope. If these girls, who are all amazing writers, need the nip and tuck process the same way that I do, I guess I'm in good company. Definitely.Good.Company. (That one's for you, Jen.)   (=
Thanks, girls. (=


Write Chick said...

Well, you know, I was deciding to think about this when I turned and stared at him with my face. My eyes were a burnt brown-golden-ish color as I lifted my right hand and prepared to think about how to smack him with the palm of my hand. Hahahaha...that's how I felt!

Jojomama said...

Hahah! Exactly. Well said.

Roland D. Yeomans said...

I loved the sentence I caught myself using, I picked up the scroll with my gloved fingers.

As opposed to my gloved toes?

Have I told you that I really love the name of your blog? Roland

Maribel said...

I wish I could turn a phrase like you...but I'll just simply say, "you're gifted and I love reading your writing."