Friday, March 7, 2008

What we think we know...

I watched out my window.
The brown hills rose up like the backs of basking cows, the patches of white snow in bovine pattern , liked spilled milk, shone in the afternoon sun. These sleeping, heaped cows lay penned in by the gothic, ragged cathedral of stone cliffs, layered and scored by years of sediment and the elements carving their designs. As I drove past them, winding along, my toes still numb from a day recreating in the snow, I suddenly thought of how small I was and how fleeting- like the melting drifts of snow, surrounded by ancient giants of landscape. Just a flea lost in cow fur who thinks he is central to the universe, but who would not live to see even a few inches of erosion or change in the setting. Pull out further and the hills are mere pimples on the backside of an old earth groaning slowly through space, rotating to keep time with infinity and taking us to our inevitable future from season to season. What do we even know, as small as we are- can we even comprehend what we claim to know about our place in the galaxy? Anymore than a dust mite living in our eyelashes knows about us, as a whole bodied human with all the complex workings of organs and systems and seasons of our own? Sure, he can see the hair, may know how to gather sustainance there and thinks he has it all worked out in his life span of a day...but how can he know what he doesn't realize he doesn't know?
I am rambling. But, I had a conversation with my children once about this very thing. Can we be living in the eyebrow of God, so to speak, and claim he isn't there because all we see is the eyebrow and we think we have that all figured out? Do our dust mites believe in us? Or do they merely exist, survive, thinking that what they see and experience is the extent of reality? I suppose I could never presume to say that something or some "One" out there couldn't exist. The hubris we humans have...the specks who know a few things and jump to all sweeping we proudly decipher part of the code in our rudimentary labs, with our plastic toy instruments, we ignore that that code was written and programmed by something bigger and smarter than we are. Why? Has anyone ever sat and listened to the intricate flowing sounds of a symphony coordinating harmonies and imagined it "just happened"?
Anyway, it is funny what can set my mind off on random tangents. The world is a beautiful and thought provoking place- and as one flea to another- don't be afraid to explore the possibilitites and keep an open mind. There is more to all of this than meets the eye.
Maybe all we know is not what we think we know.


Jarvis Journal said...

Yes, Jo, well put. Along the lines of the Chaos Theory. I cling to this! My days are part of an intelligent plan that will somehow converge to form a beautiful, orderly pattern for eternity--my piece on a patch work quilt. But up close, on a minute to minute basis, you gotta wonder how. :) xoxo heidi

Kathleen and Stephan Seable said...

What's really amazing to me is that the wonderful, all-powerful host is our Father, and, through the atoning sacrifice of His perfect son, the rest of us have the opportunity to return to Him, become like Him, and enter into the family business of "bringing to pass the immortality and eternal life of man" (His work and glory) We may look like fleas or mites now, but in reality we are gods in embryo, literal children of all powerful, all wise and all loving heavenly parents. No wonder our brains are 7 times of size of what would normally be expected in mammals of our size. (heh,heh)

Helen said...

Hi there,
I'm still figuring out this blogging deal and I can't figure for the life of me how to respond or e-mail back :)

Homeschooling is going great, I had never fully understood "The whole world is our oyster" until now. At least that's how it feels!

Hmmmm, you bear a striking resemblance to Sarah-Noel. Are you sisters?

Great blogs by the way...I love what you said "Do our dust mites believe in us?" All so very true.

Helen said...

Oh and the CA homeschooling predicament...I am curious to see how it pans out. I think we have to wait until March 28th to see if the case advances to a higher court. Although I am not credentialed, I don't anticipate any backlash. I don't see how California is in any position to define a quality education when so many of our schools are sub par.

Helen said...

Yep, I sure will. Sarah tells me she may be homeschooling next year...exciting!!

Micah said...

We think so alike its weird, i have a journal entry almost exactly like this that i wrote like 3 years ago!