Sunday, February 24, 2008

Still Shoveling

Today it snowed again. This has been the heaviest winter since moving here 5 years ago. The endless shoveling of the snow in the driveway that the wind blows back over in the night has long since ceased to be novel or charming. I have gotten stuck in the driveway numerous times on my way to appointments when I didn't have the time or inclination to redo the digging- my wheels spinning and squealing in the ice and going nowhere.

So, still I shovel. In fact, my life has always been endless redoing of things. That is the nature of living and of being a mother. Life keeps sending us work to do and even as we do it more is coming down. But, we don't put down the shovel and give up because if we do- we get stuck in the driveway. So we keep digging and try to have good attitude about it because we can't change it.

Ten Reasons Why I Love The Snow

1. it is beautiful

2. it is a great backdrop for the Holidays

3. it brings water to this desert

4. it makes me appreciate the Spring

5. it can be fun to play in

6. it forces me to indoor play with my children

7. soups and hot cocoa

8. it covers my dead lawn and my ugly yard that needs landscaping

9. shoveling it is a great workout

10. the profound silence of things when it falls like goose feathers


Lanette said...

This is a sign - come back to California....

imageseer said...

Very're driveway looks really good these days. ;)

Julie said...

Snow hmmmmm I also have a love hate relationship with it.

The Harward Family said...

Hey there Jo! Sorry I never got back to you about the pedicures. I was waiting to see when you could do it because your alot busier than I am. Let me knows what days work for you and I can call. Talk to you soon. -Lisa

Nate said...

Amen Sister, only in my neck of the woods it's not snow. It is endless mud. On the clothes, shoes, car, floor, windows. I am constently cleaning and cleaning. ~Sandra