Friday, February 15, 2008

Melvil Poupaud

There is something about this French the movie Broken English, with Parker Posy that took me by surprise. As much as I wanted to dislike him at first ,for being French and of questionable intentions, by the end of the film he was irresistable. Hmmm. He masters the art of puppy eyes and direct, frank attraction to the leading lady in a way that every woman wants- grab her and kiss her with no bravado- only slight warnings "I want to kiss you...", or, "Come over here." A gentle John Wayne approach, with a continental twist and more affection and concern emoting from his boyish face. Looking forward to seeing this guy play protagonists more often- many of his roles are conceited cads, as in Le Divorce, with Naomi Watts and Kate Hudson, one of the worst films I have ever wasted a fraction of my life on.
Anyway, Broken English is a slow, somehow classic feeling, dramatic, romantic comedy-ish movie without big laughs... and more indy style, not polished and formulaic. Parker Posy is a pathetic, lonely girl in Manhattan who drinks too much to keep her loneliness at bay, disappointed in love time and again. There is something reminiscent of Katherine Hepburn in her somehow...the acting is realistic and the story is not exciting, but interesting. I think what it illustrates well is that when someone is unhappy with themselves, they are driven to desperation and make bad realtionship decisions and consequently become jaded, having a hard time trusting and knowing how to find real love. Enter unlikely French love interest- could be just another player only around for the action...then again maybe not. The thing I always find strange in modern movies is the lack of moral compass- it is no wonder people are confused- when is it real? When does the sex mean something? To orient myself in this way of thinking is to suspend all I believe about the subject. This is how people are shopping for relationships...and miraculously, some can still find them in this precarious manner. Sometimes, somehow, genuine caring can evolve out of such uncertain and irresponsible behavior. The question at the end of the film remains, to me anyway, can love last when the participants follow the philosophy that one should go with the flow- if it feels good, do it- contracts be damned? When love and commitment are confused with sex and fleeting desire? Chances are slim, but one can always hope, for their sakes, the lonely, searching ones.

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Kate the Great said...

That is very interesting..... I love discovering new actors that I like. The trouble is I'm stuck in a rut and rarely do...... it is refreshing to me to see your ideas and remind myself that yes, absract though is possible and broadening..... I learn from your example.....luv ya