Monday, October 8, 2007

A fragment - a ghost from writings in my past

I found my old manuscript...from my first novel attempt. This is taken randomly from the middle. I think I will go back and do a rewrite of this book once I finish the current one- I can see it better now after taking a break from it. This is one scene I want to rework, but it is fun to see in its raw form.




angie said...

Love the authentic "wakey-wakey". Now you just have to revise the manuscript and get it published so we can all enjoy what comes before and after this conversation! I love that you've published a part of the manuscript as a little teaser! :)

I'm so excited that Kirsten moved my way, but I so wish she were closer! I'll take it though! :)

OK, is imageseer really your brother?

Jojomama said...

Haha! No he is a friend and fiend of the family!

I will probably go back and revise this story once I have finished the one I am currently on.

imageseer said...

nice jo, real nice!

Jojomama said...

Wouldn't it be nice if your comment were in reference to my writing?- But, no! It was a sarcastic reference to me calling you the friend and fiend. Thank you for proving my point, Imageseer.

imageseer said...

jo jo jo I was trying to say, "hey, I like what you wrote and the way you wrote it." nice jo, real nice! (now, obviously, used with a different meaning)

maribel said...

you're such a tease! so when do I get to read this one? I want to know what has happened and will happen to these 3.