Thursday, July 12, 2007

When visiting Chicago...

High Rise Spiders

No natural enemies so high,

The birds don’t even fly up there.

They seem to drop out of the sky,

And cling where no one else would dare

To grow up large upon the glass,

All because we fear to fall.

Dangling washers only pass,

So unmolested still they crawl.

Nightmares tickle at my mind,

Each time I look out at the view.

Up in my tower safe I find,

No place secure, no place is true.

Doorman, locks or padded cell,

Cannot escape arachnid hell.

1 comment:

Mark and Kiss said...

Ha, ha, ha! That is so true! I remember those horrid spiders on Sarah's 55 floor apartment. Especially after my latest dream of the steaming spider, there must be an arachnid hell.