Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bits of Me...

Bits of me...
Falling dead leaves
I hibernate and wait
There was something I lost
I had it. It was me.
Where did I leave it and when?
Left behind in my youth.
Never seen again.

God has carried me through the blackest, aching midnight. In palpable sorrow, regret and pain. My tears run like rivers to His sea. The living water engulfs me, and He pulls me up to walk across it.

I dreamed of surgically attached wings.
My stiff ascension- an agonizing relief.
From above all was small.
They can have it.
Swarm it, consume it.
I glide over it.


alibaba said...

Coool- I love it!

angie said...

You write beautiful poetry. Does it just come to you all at once, or do you work on them over time? I've never been brave enough to try my hand at poetry!